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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pros And Cons On Aircion Servicing

To ensure your office or home space is comfortable to live in especially in Singapore which experiences a hot and humid weather, you need to have your air conditioner functioning at its optimal level. The working of your air conditioner depends on how frequently it is serviced.
You cannot afford to downplay the importance of of having an aircon that is working properly in Singapore. Apart from making the temperature bearable and comfortable to live in, it also improves the quality of air you inhale by removing any dust that may be in the air.

As you embark on servicing your air conditioner, it is important to assess whether you can do the servicing yourself or you need a professional to do it on your behalf. There are simple procedures that you can do yourself making hiring of a professional time-wasting and unnecessary. Such include cleaning the filters or removing debris and dust that may have landed on the external areas of the air conditioner. However, there are those repairs, such measuring and increasing energy efficiency of the thermostat that may have to be left to a professional to do.

There are several pros and cons on aircon servicing. They are explained below:


Reduce the cost of repair.
Problems associated with the air conditioners start small. If these small problems are ignored, they become bigger and with time, the system may fail completely. This may happen at a very inappropriate time when you are not prepared to bear the cost of the resultant breakdown. Regular servicing of the air conditioner may help identify any problem early when the cost of restoring the functionality of the air conditioner is still affordable to you. This is because, at this early stage,you may not have to replace any part of the air conditioner. In addition, may may only pay a very small amount of money for the labor used in the process of ensuring your air conditioner is able to work properly again. It is important not to ignore any unusual sound from the air conditioner during the regular servicing procedures.

Increases the lifespan of the air conditioner.
There is a designated lifespan for any air conditioner that you purchase. However, if it is poorly maintained, it may not last for that time period. Regularly and properly serviced air conditioner is able to serve you for a very long period of time without breaking down in the middle of a hot weather. This, cushions you from the cost of having to purchase a new air conditioner on a regular basis. The cost of servicing, especially when you are using a professional, may seem expensive. It is, however, cost-effective in the long run.

Increases the efficiency of the system.
Imagine a situation where you have an air conditioner but your house is hot like an oven or you are inhaling air that is full of dust. It may be as a result of poorly lubricated fans, improper air filter or even having improper coils. Such a condition may not be impressive to you. Servicing your air conditioner ensures you are able to make the improvements required at the right time and in the right way. You are able to protect yourself from inconveniences caused by an air conditioner that is not working as expected. You prevent allergies caused by dust in the air that may be caused by an improper air conditioner.

With a well serviced air conditioner, You are able to to have a very comfortable environment to live in. This contributes to peace of mind as well as increase in the level of productivity.

It becomes more energy-efficient.
The amount of money you spend on energy is highly dependent of the amount used by your air conditioner. With one that is not in a good condition, you may end up paying a lot of money for power. This is expensive both in the short and long run. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. With regular servicing, dirt can be removed from the filters, the refrigerant checked and the fans left working well. This contributes to a reduction in the amount o energy that is used which leads to reduced cost of operation. The money saved can be used in other important areas.

Makes the aircon easy and safe to operate.
Given that air conditioners use electricity, you can be easily electrocuted by the faulty electrical parts. Such eventualities may be very tragic. To avoid such from taking place, one should ensure the faults are noticed on tine and repaired for safety of those operating the system. This is possible if regular servicing is usually done.

Makes it easy to claim your warranty.
There may be those cases where the air conditioner may stop working unexpectedly in the middle of a very hot weather. If you were properly servicing it, it is easy to obtain compensation from where you bought it. This kind of arrangement may not be possible if you were using the air conditioner carelessly.


It may be expensive.
Air conditioner servicing, especially where a professional is hired may be very expensive to those involved. This is especially so if you are doing the servicing very frequently or you need to replace part of the air conditioner.

Risk of encountering dishonest professionals.
There may be cases where you have to deal with professionals who may not be qualified. Such people may use your ignorance to overcharge you. In some cases, they may spoil your air conditioner completely. It is therefore, important to ensure you get a reputable and reliable expert.

You may injure yourself.
Such cases may happen in circumstances where you decide to embark on the servicing yourself. You expose yourself to risks such as electrocution as a result of an electric fault, being injured by sharp parts of the system and being affected by chemicals from the system. It is important to seek the services of a professional to avoid such.

Moreover, you may also run the risk of destroying the system completely. Given how expensive acquisition and installation of a new system may be, this eventuality may not be impressive to you.


As given above scenarios, air conditioner servicing present both pros and cons. It is important to take great care so as to maximize on the benefits and minimize the cons as much as possible.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Aircon Service

Air conditioning unit plays a vital role both at home and in offices. It helps to ensure that optimum temperatures are maintained to create conducive working environment. Installing an aircon unit in the office is there very important. It helps to enhance comfort with in turn helps to boost the productivity of employees. If you have already installed air conditioning unit in your office, then you need to hire a reputable expert to inspect and maintain them to ensure that they are working at full capacity.

Hiring an aircon expert to install aircon unit in your office in not a waste of time. However, the quality of service that you will get will depend on the expert that you choose to do the work for you. The biggest challenge that many people have is choosing the right expert who is committed to give you quality services. In this article, we are going to give you tips on important factors to consider when choosing an aircon expert to install and maintain aircon unit in your office.

1. Consider if the aircon expert has the right resources
Before you make your final decision, it is crucial to inquire to know if the aircon expert that you are considering to hire has the right resources to enable the expert to render his services smoothly. Air conditioning installation and repair is a technical service and can only be done well if the person executing the task has the right resources. Some vital resources that you need to pay close attention to when choosing aircon expert include having the right tools of work as well as having staff who are well trained to handle even complicated air conditioning tasks. Schedule for a visit to see if the expert has all necessary resources needed to give you quality services that you are looking for.

2. Consider experience 
For how long has the aircon service expert practiced in this filed? How many clients has he/she served and what is the quality of services rendered? This industry is very competitive and aircon experts who don’t have what it take to give clients what they want usually don’t survive operating for long. The more experienced an aircon expert is, the higher your chances of getting quality air conditioning services. Experts recommend that you should choose a aircon expert who has more than 5 years’ experience in dealing with aircon issues that are related the problem that you want addressed.

3. Consider reputation
What are other clients who have used the services of that particular aircon expert saying about the quality service rendered? Did they like the quality of services that was given to them by the aircon expert or did they get disappointed? Before you make your final choice on choosing a particular aircon expert, it is very important to read reviews to know what other clients have said. The best way to know this is by visiting the website of the expert that you are planning to hire and read reviews that past client have posted or talking to one of his/her client directly. Only choose an aircon expert who enjoys good reputation from his/her clients.

4. Availability
This is also a very important factor that many people usually overlook for looking for aircon expert. It is crucial that you choose an expert who will always be available when you need his/her services or advice. In addition to that, you should also be able to contact the aircon expert any time of the day or night in case you need to clarify or inquire about something. Availability is a very important factor because it shows if the aircon expert is committed to give you quality services that will even exceed your expectations. Only choose an aircon expert who will able to meet your demands, return your phone calls as well as analyze the state of air conditioning in your office in a timely manner.

5. Ability to communicate well
One very important skill that every air conditioning expert needs to have is the ability to communicate well. The expert that you choose to fix your office air conditioning should be able to communicate intelligently and persuasively. The expert that you choose should be a good communicator and convince you exactly what your office needs to get excellent air conditioning system. How much you will benefit as a client will actually depend on the aircon expert ability to communicate and convince you. Don’t just look for an aircon expert who is well experienced but also choose one who will communicate well with you.

6. Consider the personality of the aircon expert  
The chemistry between you and the aircon expert that you choose will play a big role in determining the final outcome of your case. It is very important to note that no matter how skilled or experienced the aircon expert is, if you actually feel uncomfortable being around that person or if you don’t trust that particular person then you will not get the services you are looking for from the expert that you have hired. The chemistry between you expert that you have hired should be perfect. Choose an expert who is has a personality that is compatible with yours.

7. Fee that the aircon expert is charging
Although this should not be the determining factor when choosing an aircon expert, you need to be realistic enough and understand that you can only hire the services of aircon expert that you can afford. Therefore, before you make our final decision, ensure that you are fully aware of the fee that aircon expert charges for services rendered throughout the process. Besides considering the quality of service that the expert is offering, you need to choose one who charges a fee that you can comfortably afford.

In conclusion, if you want to install an air conditioning unit in your office, or if you are looking for an expert to inspect and repair air conditioning unit in your office, it is very important to seek the service of an experienced and skilled aircon expert. By considering the tips mentioned above, you will select the best aircon expert who will handle air conditioning issues that you are facing in your office in a timely manner.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Aircon Servicing In Singapore

When you can afford to play one, why have the brunt from the heat? Because of the routine stress prone hectic schedules, life without air conditioning units further aggravates the stress and fatigue factor. Today's hi-tech air conditioners are made to give maximum cooling with low power consumption. And both window conditioners and split conditioners are affordable too. If you buy these items online, it can save you more money due to the high discounts. In an online shop, besides conditioners, you will discover an extensive inventory of products inside the group of television, cell phone, laptop, cameras, computer peripherals, home appliances representing thousands of popular brands. And all sorts of these items can be found at low cost as no overhead costs are involved.

Generally, you will discover three kinds of air conditioning units, viz. central air conditioners, window air conditioning units, and split conditioners. Central air conditioners are often used in malls, offices, along with other industrial establishments while the other two find more usage in homes and small offices.

Air conditioners need maintenance almost every year. As well as hardwearing. System work efficiently without breakdowns, it is advisable that you simply alter the conditioner filter twice a year. The cooling effect heightens with good and new filters. And also the frequency from the changing from the filter depends on the surroundings you remain; the dustier, the higher may be the frequency. So when you don't put it back, the efficiency will depreciate besides operating costs rising.

Window conditioners are fitted in the window space and then the name. This type of system has interior controls; the mechanism involves blowing of a fan inside the evaporator, cooling interior air along the way. Another fan blows the hot air on the condenser. Heat is thus drawn from the region and presented into the outside.

The significant mechanism of split conditioners is a bit different. The procedure is similar to central conditioning however with low quality. A split system has terminal packages connected with a tube. The condensing unit is contained about the interior while the evaporative unit externally. Each of the connected rooms can be adjusted independently with minimal interior system footprint. It works by splitting the side on the cold side from the system. Using split conditioners, you may also warm up rooms during wintertime.

Aircon Maintenance Will Give You Peace of Mind

You really shouldn't fall for the myth that all you have to do is set it and forget it when it comes to your air conditioning system. That myth may have arisen because it is easy to turn your system on and just forget about it since it will continue to cool until you turn it off. The reason I say that you can't just set it and forget about it is that there is some aircon maintenance that should be performed periodically to keep it running the way it should.

Once a year is a proposal from most manufacturers when asked how often a business or homeowner should have air con maintenance Singapore done to maintain the effectiveness of the system. That should fall right before going into the busiest time of the year for this appliance. When spring arrives, it is time to call in your aircon maintenance professional to have them go over your comfort system with a fine-tooth comb.

The purpose of this inspection is to clean the unit and while the technician is at it take a look at all the working parts to see if they are showing signs of wear and tear. It is this inspection that can prevent having to spend extra on service calls because your unit failed at some point.One of the most important things you can accomplish as part of regular air con maintenance Singapore is to change the air filters to make sure that the airflow is maintained at proper levels to keep it as efficient as possible. Just by changing your air filters, you can actually save a few hundred dollars every year on your energy bill depending on the size of your unit.

It is not all that difficult for a trained professional to take a look at your air conditioning system and determine if there are any repairs that should be completed before they leave your home. In fact, if you begin the practice of having your system serviced regularly, your technician may be able to tell if something is wrong just by listening to it run. That is the beauty of having a professional with lots of experience to complete the aircon maintenance for you.

With all the intricacies and parts that are involved when you have your air con maintenance Singapore service completed, you will be glad you signed a service maintenance agreement so that it can all be done at one time. Just think of the peace of mind you will experience when you have this important piece of equipment serviced properly and regularly. You can be relatively secure that you will not have to worry about an unexpected breakdown at a time when you can least afford it.

When it comes to servicing it is always better that you get it done from professionals. Aircon Servicing Singapore provides with qualified technicians who help service your machine. When servicing any machine it is necessary that you get it done by experienced technicians. When it comes to your sir conditioner getting it serviced from an expert is all the more important because they will know best the needs of your machine. A skilled technician will have the right tools and the right knowledge to address the problems of your air conditioner. A good technician properly knows the working of your air conditioner and therefore will be able to address any issue quickly.

Sensor malfunction, clogged condenser or thermostat setting and many more problems are taken care of during servicing the air conditioner.

Aircon servicing will do wonders for your machine. Apart from air conditioning repairs they also provide their customers with Fridge Repair services. You can get Aircon servicing done for your home air conditioners or for your office air conditioners. Make sure that you go to a reputed service company only. Also ensure that the company has more than four years of experience in product maintenance.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning involves eliminating hotness from a narrowed surrounding, thus cooling the environment with a fresh air. Air conditioning is usually denoted as AC in short form. Air conditioning can function in different places to cool the surrounding. This can be for commercial purpose or for domestic purpose. In some countries where they experience a lot of heat throughout the season, they regularly use the Air conditioning system in their offices at work, or at home, or even shops and supermarkets. They fit this Air conditioning system to attain a conducive and comfortable environment for both animals and human beings.

Usage of air conditioners

- Air conditioners can be used in rooms where there are a lot of electronic devices which produces more heat when they are in use, for instance computers and power amplifiers. Air conditioning system can be installed in such rooms to regulate the heat produced by these machines. Air conditioners uses fans which rotate in a high speed therefore cooling the air. Air conditioners also can be in different sizes deepening on the usage.

- Some Air conditioners can work inside a vehicle, others installed in buildings and others installed inside the electronic devices. Therefore Air conditioners vary in sizes according to their location of installation. In some vehicles, Air conditioners have been installed there to improve the thermal comfort and the indoor quality of air.
In general definition of Air conditioning, it involves any practice of cooling the air to improve its temperature in the surroundings.

This can speak of any system of machinery which can improve the air quality. It can be any electrical or mechanical device which can perform air conditioning in a perfect way, and thus these devices will be referred to as the air conditioners. During the ancient periods, snowflake and frost were the mechanical substances for cooling the surroundings in case of excessive heat. This took place around the 17th century, when people used to do businesses of collecting frost throughout the winter and storing them until summer times. This was the process of Air conditioning in those times before technology replaced this form of Air conditioning. And so with time, technology grew and some air conditioners were developed. Some people in different countries used the natural air conditioning system before inventing the electrical


Historical view of air conditioners

- Modern Air conditioners were developed from the ancient Air conditioners which were used mechanically, with no electricity. These mechanical Air conditioners were used in the 19th century.

- Modern Air conditioners emerged from those types of ancient makes, and until now the Air conditioners are developed with a high technology.

- The ancient Air conditioners were very large in size as compared to the current Air conditioners which are small in sizes depending on the location used. For instance inside the vehicles, the Air conditioners used there are very small in sizes and are portable. So we can see that with the advancement in technology, Air conditioners have been modified which can be moved from one place to another and are not costly, as compared to the ancient Air conditioners which were so large in size and were not portable because of the size. They were fitted in a specific places where they were permanently built there.

- The first modern Air conditioner was invented in the year 1902, which used electricity to operate. This device not only controlled the hotness of the surrounding, but also humidity. This was a great invent of those times and it served a lot in big companies and shops in some countries in the world. After this invent, many other Air conditioners were developed which could bring comfort in the working places. Until now, some people have been coming up with different Air conditioners in different electrical companies in the world. Air conditioners are the most necessary electrical devices in the electrical company, because some operating machines could burst into flames because of excessive heat. So with these Air conditioners, they help a lot in regulating the heat in the machine operation centers.

Modern Air conditioners are not designed to induce air into the room from outside, but are designed to regulate and recirculate the air which is found in the room. This is how the modern Air conditioners work. On the other hand, there are some Air conditioners which produces heat instead of cooling the surrounding temperature. These type of Air conditioners are referred to as the reverse cycle Air conditioners.

These Air conditioners functions in places where the heat is too low and it is too cold for animals and human beings. Therefore, Air conditioners are not only for cooling purpose, but also for heating purpose, as they regulate the air in the environment by either heating it or cooling it. The heating Air conditioners are not appropriate in the electrical and machinery companies and industries because we understand that machines produces a lot of heat and they need to be cooled down by cooling the ambient temperature. Air conditioners for heating can only function in the open rooms which have a lot of cold.

These type of Air conditioners can only be installed there to generate heat. Examples of locations which are suitable for the installation of these type of Air conditioners are the ice lands, because these locations contain a lot of ice and therefore the environment is too cold for both human beings and animals. So the heating Air conditioners can be installed there to generate heat for the comfort of human beings.

Conclusion of air conditioners

All in all, these two kinds of Air conditioners are used to regulate both heat and cold in the environment. These devices are termed as Air conditioners because they function purposely with only air in rooms. Air conditioners are found in almost every room in big buildings for commercial use. Most business centers have got these Air conditioners installed there to bring comfort to customers. A customer will only be satisfied in the comfortable environment with no excessive heat or cold. Therefore, these Air conditioners are installed there for comfort purpose.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Aircon Services In Singapore

Air con administrations can incorporate anything that includes introducing, keeping up or settling your aerating and cooling framework. There are numerous aircon adjusting organizations in operation around the nation, so the vast majority have no issue discovering somebody to come in and benefit their framework on a normal premise. The issue is a great many people don't comprehend what they ought to do to ensure they get without a doubt the most out of their Aircon Services.

Make inquiries and Learn 
The most concerning issue for most mortgage holders is they know nothing about aircon overhauling. They bring in the experts and simply accept that whatever should be dealt with is dealt with. They don't try to ask any inquiries since they essentially don't realize what to ask and maybe are excessively occupied with different things they consider to be more imperative.

If this sounds like you, then it's an ideal opportunity to begin learning and making inquiries. On the off chance that you recognize what is new with your aerating and cooling framework, it is much less demanding to speak with an aircon administrations supplier and ensure that your framework is as a rule appropriately administered to.
In what manner will you know whether corners are being cut in your aircon overhauling if you have no clue what they are doing to your framework or why?

Enlist Only the Best 
The best organizations offering air con administrations will enlist authorized, skilled specialists with years of experience or full instruction in the field. A few laborers may have learned at work, yet they are currently working with years of information added to their repertoire which breaks even with out to a strong training.

On the off chance that you have an inclination an organization is not exceptionally proficient about your framework, or they can't answer your inquiries with fulfilling answers, read the signs and swing to a more learned administration.

When you procure the second best, you will get second best administration. Ensure you are managing respectable air con benefits so you can confide in them to make the best decision for your framework.

Know the Correlation: Servicing versus Settling 
You can't accept that keeping the number to nearby aircon benefits if there should be an occurrence of a crisis is all your framework needs. There is a major contrast between air con adjusting and air con settling. Adjusting goes ahead a standard premise to keep the requirement for settling. Settling is dealing with issues and breakdowns after they happen.
You will just get the most out of your procured aircon benefits once you have the framework benefit wear a normal premise in addition to watching out for potential issues. You just need one yearly planned arrangement for aircon overhauling. However, you may need to get back to your experts if there should be an occurrence of an issue between adjusting.

Advantages of aircon services
The aeration and cooling system has turned into a need for each mortgage holder, and it has a necessary impact on the lives of the general population. Your aeration and cooling system is in charge of cooling the temperature in your home particularly amid the late spring that is the reason it is very basic to give a customary support of your air-con unit.An ideal route in keeping your aircon unit to keep running at its pinnacle execution is to have a normal air-con benefit.

A few people have not understood the criticalness of having a consistent air-con maintenance until they have discovered that there is nothing they can do to make their aeration and cooling system to work properly.Regular air-con adjusting has various advantages to each ventilation system proprietors. With normal overhauling, one can abstain from taking a chance with the most extreme execution of their unit. Keep in mind that your aeration and cooling system is a fundamental component in keeping your rooms more agreeable and helpful to remain in that is the reason having a normal administration is basic. One underestimates this maintenance to spare cash however later did he realize that it will cost him too much.

Maintenance looks up permits you to spare cash since it can enhance the effectiveness level of your aeration and cooling system unit. You can't frequently beware of your unit, and you can't clean your framework. An aircon adjusting empowers you to spare vitality bills since you can be guaranteed that your unit will be cleaned. Cleaning the condenser curls of your unit diminishes its vitality utilizations.

Diminishing the danger of high repair cost is moreover another advantage brought by overhauling. This permits you to spare cash from any real repairs, and it empowers to repair the little issue that happens inside your unit.It is fundamental to recall that each ventilation system unit is losing its productivity consistently as a result of general utilize.

A normal air con overhauling makes it workable for your aircon unit to work at its most extreme level a seemingly endless amount of time. Normal overhauling expands the execution and the life of your unit. It will altogether serve you for a more drawn out time than having no customary administration.The customary unit checks guarantee the execution of your air-con unit.You need to recall the solace that your air-con unit gives in your home, office, and also in your school.

A customary aircon adjusting empowers your aeration and cooling system to work well for you for a more extended period. Consistent adjusting permits you to recuperate the effectiveness level and execution of your air con unit.It is genuine that portion of the aeration and cooling system in your house is a venture that is the reason it is of awesome significance to deal with your investment.A normal administration offers an incentive to your cash and your speculation since it delays that life expectancy of your unit.

The solace that the air-con is giving your homes and workplaces will be expanded, and the proficiency that was lost will dependably be recouped. Knowing these advantages of having a standard air-con benefit empowers you to appreciate the solace that it gives your home and family.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

How To Do Ceiling Cassette Aircon Chemical Overhaul

If you live in Singapore, you can be able to maintain favorable room temperatures by installing aircons. They are suitable for use in offices, cafes, hotels and even in homes. You are able to enjoy comfortable environment throughout the year even when the temperatures outside are hot or cold. There are several types of aircon, ceiling cassette aircon being one of the most trusted, reliable and effective ones. 

Many Singaporeans like the product for it is highly discreet as only the grill is visible on the ceiling above. It has modern fan technology to act as the distributor of air in the room. Ceiling cassette systems offer cooling and heating services.

The following are its features:

Inverter Technology

Ceiling cassette aircon unit has an advanced technology which allows easy, stable and noise-free operation. It also makes the units to be more economical compared to other conventional units. The technology helps the system to handle high temperature extremes.

Swing Louvers
The swinging technology facilitates the up and down movement where the automatic up swing aids in cooling while the automatic down swing facilitates heating.

Slender Fit 
The ceiling cassette has a slim fit body design which occupies about 1 to 3/8 inches under the ceiling which is limited space. This makes it very famous with Singaporeans who prefer slender designs to prevent cases where a room looks crowded.

4-Way Airflow System
The more the directions that air flows in a space the better the maintenance of temperature in that space. Ceiling cassete aircon has airflow moving in 4 directions and so it provides high level of comfort ability.

Wired Remote Control
The remote control features child lock, remote temperature sensor, weekly timer, daily timer for on and off and that one for twice daily, one to be set in intervals of five minutes. It also able to control from 1 – 16 units indoors. Washable and Detachable filter and grill which aids in simple service and maintenance.

Energy Saver
The energy saver keeps the room cool using a thermostat setting for relaxed. The setting enables the air conditioner to decrease consumption of power when a set temperature reading is achieved.

Smart Aircon System: Auto-Mode
When the system is first switched on, the fan is at high speed to get to the set temperature as fast as possible. Afterwards, the speed comes down to maintain set temperatures.

Humidity Control
It has a dry mode function to control levels of humidity even in times when cooling is not necessary.

Intake of Fresh Air
The airflow from outside can be achieved through attaching a flexible duct to knockouts of fresh air.

There are other basic features of ceiling cassette which include:

- Auto Changeover
- Cold prevention,
- Low Ambient,
- Auto Reset/ Restart, High ceiling Mode.

This important system needs servicing from time to time so that it can work efficiently. You need to hire the services of an aircon service company to wash parts for fresh and healthier air. Such service providers are experts in Aircon chemical wash, servicing, repair, installation, overhaul and Freon gas to-up.

When these services are not done as often as it is necessary, they affect the quality of air that comes out of your system in a negative way. Cleaning makes sure that the air you breathe in is as sanitary and healthy as possible. The experts as able to prevent any dysfunction or leakage from the system. The system may not have any noticeable problems but if left un-serviced for long the next heat wave may become problematic.

When problems are discovered in good time, it becomes very possible to repair and prolong the lifespan of the aircon. It also saves money as a small problem costs way less compared to a major repair after a system breakdown. In other words, an expensive problem is prevented.

As already mentioned above, chemical overhaul is one of the processes needed for proper aircon maintenance. It involves thorough cleaning and reconditioning of an air con. It restores functionality in units which stay for long without any kind of service in which case ordinary cleaning may fail to work.

It also lubricates bearings of fan to ensure the operation is noise-free, it replaces bearings that are faulty and removes operational noise. It checks all system controls including thermostat and cleans blower wheels, drain pans and pipes with the right chemicals. It deals with grime and dust accumulation through fan evaporator coil cleaning for facilitation of smooth heat transfer. If you are contending with aircon leakage, a drainage system chemical cleansing is done to help stop the problem.

Chemical overhaul on ceiling cassette aircon involves some steps. The aircon is dismantled from the ceiling to ensure that the filters are well cleaned by use of chemicals for clean air and prevention of allergies.

Another step involves fan evaporator coil chemical cleaning. This ensures good transfer of heat as well as elimination of dust and dirt build-up. Refrigerant gas is topped up which is a material for heat exchange used in aircons and refrigerators. The chemicals utilized are formulated to be able to break down the build-up sucked into the machine.

A chemical overhaul expert working on ceiling cassette checks, tests and commissions the system. The coil is removed from the ceiling and a chemical wash is done. Some good amount of water is used to rinse to make sure that there is no chemical left which could corrode the coil after the service is done. All the other parts are cleaned one by one. They are then assembled back and things such as the pressure are checked and a complete test run conducted.

After the procedure is done, you will notice reduced power bills since the ceiling cassette aircon works less hard to cool or heat the room. It will also lengthen its lifespan saving resources such as time and money needed for repair or replacement. You will enjoy cleaner conditioning with little or no troubles for a very affordable fee at The beauty about it is that though it is an overhaul exercise, it takes a minimum of one and a half hours and a maximum of two hours.

Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Solve Aircon Trunking Condensation?

It is very possible to solve aircon trunking condensation. However, you have to know why the problem began in the first place. In fact, you have to understand what aircon trunking condensation is before you look for the right help. Condensation in the trunking is normal and it happens when your house is warmed or cooled. Moisture droplets will form and they have to be channeled somewhere. Normally, there are two ways to take care of this moisture; first through the primary drip line and then through the backup drip line. When these lines are not working properly, some droplets will start to form or leak from the air conditioner. The following are some of the top problems that might be wrong causing condensation.

. Insulation that is poor
When the aircon insulation is not thick enough, this will definitely cause aircon trunking condensation. It is really not your fault because the company that installed the insulation should do a better job. In this regard, it is always wise to work with a Singapore company that has a proven track record of installing high quality insulation for your aircon system. In addition, you have to choose a maintenance company that will provide the right insulation material with appropriate thickness. This will be in a position to provide you a better service over a longer period of time.

. Installation flaws
Another cause of trunking condensation in the trunk is poor installation. This happens when spaces are left between the trunks and when the water droplets cool, the leaking will be experienced. The only way to solve this problem is to have a good Singapore aircon company install your system. Do not just go with any company but take time to look at the type of service they offer. If they meet the quality, you can have them install your aircon trunking system.

. Trap floor blockage
This is another common reason why the condensation happens. Through the pipe blockage, the moisture is not able to drain properly and therefore it starts to leak. The only way to solve this problem is to hire an aircon technician who will be able to unblock the system.

How to choose the right aircon company in Singapore to solve this problem

They say prevention is better than cure and it is possible to avoid aircon trunking condensation in the first place. All you have to do is to hire the right professional to do your installation. The following are some of the most important traits to consider before hiring an expert in Singapore.

1. A good company will provide follow up services
Follow up services where aircon systems are concerned are very important. This is because problems like trunking condensation can be easily avoided. Further, this will see the customer spend less money for repair purposes. A company that is willing to maintain good customer relations in Singapore should be able to provide these follow up services for their customers. The good news is that there are many such companies and your search will not be too long. Go for companies that are willing to take the full responsibility if their installations do not satisfy you; specifically when it comes to the problem of condensation.

2. Insurance matters
The aircon company in Singapore must be insured because this is a statutory requirement. For this reason, if anything happens when the repair is going on, you can rest assured that you will be covered. In this regard, the precaution works very well. Do not choose a company that has not provided proper documentation regarding insurance. This will make it hard to solve your problems when they arise.

3. Certification
You cannot consider an aircom service that has not been properly certified and licensed to provide services in Singapore. Hiring rogue technicians might be the source of your problems. You do not want to make your aircon issues worse and the best way to do it is to work with people who have the right qualifications regarding licensing and certification. Do not take the word of the company for it even if they have very good adverts; follow due diligence and work with people who can be trusted.

4. Check company reviews
Hire the services of a company that has created a good reputation for itself. When others readily refer a particular company, you can be sure that their quality is above reproach. Also, go online and read the user reviews and if they are good, you can consider them.

5. Consider the rates
A good service is one that has competitive pricing. Rates should favor your budget without compromising on quality. On the other hand, do not just hire services because they are the cheapest. You need to know that cheap can be expensive. You must be driven by the quality of work that will be delivered. To solve your problems among them trunking condensation, you need services that will do away with the problem in a professional manner.

6. Good experience
It is vital to choose a Singapore service that has a wealth of experience in providing services. This way, you will know that you can rely on them for repair and installation. The technicians must have good training and with ample experience to solve your problems.


The tips above will help you choose the right services to solve trunking condensation and others. This problem can be made worse by unqualified technicians who will not be able to solve the condensation issue properly. Additionally, some services might install insulation that is not thick enough for malicious purposes. Others will not be able to get rid of blockages in the right manner. Some technicians who are not qualified cannot even install the trunks in the proper way. Therefore, you have to look at the bigger picture when you are thinking about how to solve aircon trunking condensation. It has to start with the right service and products; and you have the power to make a good choice. In the end, this will save you not just heartache but money as well. There are many other elements to consider but this is an insight.