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Monday, 14 December 2015

Comparing Mitsubishi Electric vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Looking at a specific air-conditioning need from a purely practical perspective will generally be a discussion about brands. With literally hundreds, if not thousands of brands on the market to solve the same need, the context of this piece is to actually just sift between a finer difference between two very similarly-named brands. Customers and online blog readers are consistently asking for a breakdown of the differences between Mitsubishi Electric vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in terms of the air conditioning products offered and now such a resource is here. The following materials will elaborate on what those differences are and how to make heads or tails of which brand is a better solution given some set parameters.

Why is Mitsubishi A Good Air-Conditioning Brand?

Jumping in feet-first on an air-conditioning unit is a huge choice, but Mitsubishi has a brand name that carries weight and worth. There’s the last mile of deciding between Mitsubishi Electric vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the specific job at hand - a challenging choice but made easier by the fact that it’s already been narrowed down to two brands. Essentially, one brand with two divisions - to avoid arguing over the minor details here.

Mitsubishi offers some of the best air-conditioning units on the market at the moment but sometimes it isn’t well understood what sets their units apart from some of the competition. Popular and historically well-known for their “Mr. Slim” system, that system was and still is very popular for offering a space-efficient, quiet and visually attractive system that was both ductless and split-air in design.

Other sources of the positive public perception of the Mitsubishi brand is the energy efficiency, the low environmental impact and space-saving engineering behind the products. Not of any surprise to those who think and act practically, the reality is that the market is responding to the brand which puts out the best products over time. Consider this a resource for those who know Mitsubishi is the brand for their next air-conditioning unit and now there’s just one more level of deciding that must be done.

Mitsubishi Electric vs. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

- Public Perception

When searching the forums online, it seems that there is a pretty strong sentiment online for using Mitsubishi Electric over Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This sentiment seems to be centered around the perception that Mitsubishi Electric (ME) is the more reliable brand and this sentiment seems to be repeated in quite a few places.

Then, at the same time, in other places, there is definite recognition from the crowds that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brings a really high-powered cooling option at a price point far lower than Mitsubishi Electric. These same folks are also attesting to the rather admirable quality of Mitsubishi Heavy industries onto itself.

While the public sentiment isn’t clear enough to make the decision into a black-or-white obvious choice, the public narrative is definitely informative about what the options are and how one might go about deciding what to choose for a given situation.

- The Data

When it comes down to science it’s a big story all about pretty much one factor: BTUs. If the unit can push out enough BTU for the space in question, then it belongs in the considerations for the cooling of the particular space in question. Dimensions, budget and number of human occupants in a given space will play greatly into the type of cooling required for that space.

The other side of the science equation is a side that many folks many not consider: economics. Granted, a social science, not a natural one, but still a very important consideration. Does the unit in question have the BTUs required within the intended budget?

- How to Decide

It’s not only a matter of how fast, how big or how cold a device can get. Really, the final deciding factors can be price, longevity and aesthetics. Part of the aesthetic experience is the sound it makes as well. If one unit is quieter than another, then it might weight itself as the winner if the sound consideration is very important in a given situation.

The various considerations important to an individual’s home or office environment will vary from person to person, group to group. Investigation and preparation, including reading articles such as this are essential to being able to cash out in the long term with the correct investment and purchase for one’s own specific situation and need.

- Mitsubishi vs. Other Competition

Panasonic is another very popular brand that has been well-trusted in the Singapore market for keeping homes and offices cool for years. If the discussion were to evolve past the Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries debate, Panasonic is another serious contender that can definitely play into the mix.

The Starmex brand, on the other hand, hasn’t been without its fair share of critics. only having a maximum BTU of 8k is something that has troubled many customers and seems to be a point of contention for people considering that option.

The confusing aspect of the Mitsubishi equation is whether the machine is a Mitsubishi Electric or a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unit. Generally speaking, the rest of this document continues to detail some of the important differences, but by classifying both under the Mitsubishi nameplate, there is a greater flexibility of options for anyone who knows the Mitsubishi name and is interested in staying under that tent.

When it finally gets down to making a choice, each individual situation is going to call for a specific and unique choice, such that there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If longevity and quiet operation paired with efficient cooling power is the highest priority in the equation, then the public sentiment along with the data really suggests a choice of Mitsubishi Electric over Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The names are not that misleading, after all.

If the target is the most cooling power (BTUs) for a given budget, then Mitsubishi Heavy Industries still has a fighting chance. While their machines aren’t always the most space or energy efficient in the long-term and they also might generate a bit more sound, but relatively-speaking they offer a wonderful value for the cost. Whichever device is chosen in a given situation, remember always to choose a retailer with a strong reputation and the ability to stand behind their products, both from a service and sales standpoint.

Friday, 20 November 2015

How To Service Your Aircon Before The New Year

First off, congratulations on purchasing your first home – it is a major milestone in your life goals. That aid, purchasing a home is only the beginning and arguably the easy part. It is the maintenance that proves to be a pain in the behind. To ensure that the level of comfort that your home provides you with today still remains several years down the line, there are some enhancements that you will need to make. One such enhancement is purchasing an air conditioning system and installing it. This system tends to influence the quality of internal air as well as its temperature. It is this regulation that provides comfort when the weather outside is shifting from one end of the spectrum to the other. When this system is new, like all other systems, it will function at its optimum. As a matter of fact, you will have little to no complaints about the product in particular. But as its ages, its efficiency reduces. This fact does not mean that you are relegated to watching as your comfort levels deteriorate. No, as a matter of fact, there are steps you can take to ensure that your Aircon works at its peak as you prepare to host family and friends for the Chinese New Year. Below is a guide to get you started.

Clean the filter
Sure there are many different air conditioning systems that vary in size, features as well as their installation. There are those that are connected to the main air ducts and are typically installed on the outside of the house and there are those that will be installed in the inside. The former air conditioning systems are most common. There are high chances that this is the type you have installed in your home. Given the fact that they are installed on the outside of the home, they tend to attract lots of dust and debris. As such, it goes without saying that the filter gets a thorough beating. The filters are intended to trap dust particles and other debris in the air as it is sucked into the house. With time, these filters collect too much dirt and debris that they end up getting clogged up thereby reducing the overall efficiency of the air conditioning system as a whole. As such, the first servicing step that you should take is cleaning the filter. Get rid of any dirt and debris that may have it clogged. Your system should resume to a silent hum as it cleans out the air.

Clean the compressor
This is one of the largest yet most delicate parts of an air conditioning system. Given its delicate nature, it is advised that you have a professional service it. As long as it is in perfect working condition, all the hired professional should do is remove, clean and then fix it back into the system. As he is doing this, he will ensure that all the electrical connections are insulated and that there are no misplaced wires. If you hire an experienced professional, they will not only clean out the compressor but also lubricate the compressor and its motor before fixing it back in place. This is to make sure that the moisture from the air does not corrode it. This servicing tip should have your aircon working at high performance throughout the Chinese New Year festivities.

Inspect the system for leaks
It is normal for several things to go undetected during an aircon inspection. As such, and to ensure that the inspection is as thorough as you would want it to be, you should ensure that there are no leaks in your system. There are several ways to tell if your system has a leak. If it takes a long time to cool and does not hit expected cooling levels. This may be a sign that the system is experiencing a Freon leak. These leaks may be caused by a number of factors, most of which are without your control. Regardless, the leaks cause the aircon to be inefficient at its work in maintaining a homeostatic environment. The good news is that a professional aircon cleaning expert can easily detect the location of the leak and seal it restoring the system to its original optimum working condition. Performing this service will see to it that several more years are added to the life of your aircon system

Aircon sealing
During installation, you probably noticed that a rubber seal was installed between the window frame and the conditioner. This prevented direct contact between the two. But this part over time gets damaged by the moisture leading to the loss of the compressed air. With the loss of compressed air, you will have to keep the system running for the better part of the day and night to be able to have the air in the home to your liking. This in turn translates to high energy bill. Attending to the damaged rubber seal will not only save you a great deal of money that you can inject into your New Year’s budget, but also provide you and your guests with the comfort you deserve as you enjoy the festivities.

Regularly call in an aircon servicing expert
Clearly, from the above tips, there are some DIY servicing procedures, and there are those that are best done by a professional owing to their delicacy and the risk that they pose. It is always a good idea to call in a professional once in a while to service your system as well as recommend various repairs to extend the life of the aircon system. You might think this to be an expensive venture, but consider the discomfort and the amount of money it costs to purchase a new air conditioning system, which is what you will be forced to do if proper care and maintenance is not given to the existing aircon system.

A point to note while you are choosing your aircon servicing expert, take your time. There are very many who claim to be professionals and end up being scams. Do your homework to be on the safe side of things.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

What Is Aircon Dry Mode And When Would You Use It?

Air conditioners now play an integral role in making our homes conducive. The air conditioner helps in regulating the temperature. Apart from keeping the house temperature at your desired level, you can control the level of humidity and dust levels. This is why air conditioners are better than ceiling fans and fans. Some people really don't see the essence of installing air-con and just go through a tough time when the temperature rises. Singapore weather can be unforgiving at times and you don't want to be caught by it. If you are operating a large business, having air conditioning services is necessary. Maintaining a professional image is a plus for your business. After having air conditioning installed, you may find yourself confused with the different features offered. Questions that regularly arise are:

What is air-con dry mode?

Dry mode is found in some models and tends to cost more. Room humidity can cause the room to be uncomfortable even when there is sunlight. This because the humidity in the air traps heat, resulting in an increase in heat. Window units and central cooling units normally have this feature installed. Dry mode helps remove extra humidity from the air. Regions located in regions with monsoon winds are prone to have air full of humidity. Singapore is in such a region where water vapor from the sea is pushed into the city. This causes discomfort to anyone in a closed room. A sauna works the way and in essence your house has turned into one.
This heat can cause you to have sleepless nights since you are battling with trapped heat.

The dry mode in some conditioners uses silicon to filter out the water vapor. The sauna effect is canceled out and you get to enjoy your cooler temperature. It is important that you keep the windows and doors shut and the aircon, dry mode does its work.

When should you use dry mode?

Dry mode should be used during seasons of high humidity and at night. If you have children you can use the dry mode when they complain of the heat. Sometimes a dry mode can cause running since our body is trying to moisturize the air. Dry mode does not cool the air, but filter out the excess water in the air. This feature saves energy and you can set the fan to blow on a slower rate achieving a better cooling effect. During the monsoon try to pump in cooler may not work and is just a waste of electricity.

What is cool mode on the air mode?

Cool mode is the normal mode of all air-con devices. Cool mode is just the fan cooling the air by just pumping more air into the room. Cool mode saves energy, but this depends on the level you set. When temperatures reach unbearable levels this is the best way to cool down. Cool mode is comfortable and increases aeration of the room. The fan occasionally goes off when the room is at the required temperature level. Instead of competing for the window position get an air-con and you will love the convenience.

When should you use cool mode?
This question is quite common. Cool mode is best when trying to reduce room temperature and still want to save electricity. It is a great way of setting the room temperature at optimum levels. If you work in an office, the work rate is better for the everyone is focused with the work. Compared to dry mode, cool mode is what you will mostly use since temperatures are mainly high an unbearable most of the times. During the day cool mode is best since you are fighting the effects of direct sunlight.

What is fan mode?

In some air-con devices you will find fan mode setting. Fan mode is just cooling mode running full time. The fans never stop moving. You just the temperature and the air-con does the rest. If you live in an area where it's hot throughout, fan mode is the best setting for you. In Singapore the shipping yard can be a hot play is always hot and the fan mode will keep you cool. Fan mode is not energy efficient since your fan is always on.

When and where should you use fan mode?

If you operate in areas where there is always heat, e.g. Server rooms, restaurants and industrial centers it is best to have fan mode always on. Fan mode maintains a constant air flow apart from keeping the air cool. This because this areas constantly need proper airflow. Many companies have areas with equipments running constantly. To ensure that the staff does not have a tough time working, fan mode should be always on. You should be aware that no actual cooling when the compressor is off.

What is quick cool mode?

Quick cool mode has never been power friendly mode. By using it you are telling the air-con to rapidly cool the room to the desired temperature you desire. The air-con will use all the resources it has to achieve the required cooling. This mode is mostly used when you just walk into a room and you just want to cool it rapidly. For instance, you walk into a room and its 35 degrees Celsius hot and you want to cool it to 25C quick cool mode will achieve this in minutes. The quick cool mode might not be available on all types of air conditioners.

What is sleep mode?

You may find some air-con devices having a sleep mode function and think that it is not working while in that mode. Sleep mode is an energy efficient mode and is best used when the temperature near optimum temperature. The thermostat restarts the air-con when the temp rises by a degree and this helps keep the temperature at the required level. A good thing with sleep mode is that you save electricity and still enjoy cool temperature.

These are some of the major questions air-con users ask themselves and mostly don't find the right answer. You now have an accurate guide on the various features air conditioners have.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How to stop light flashing on air conditioning unit?

How to stop light flashing on air conditioning unit?

Air conditioning is one of the most essential requirements for every house in Singapore and if you get any kind of complication or problem in your air conditioning unit then you start feeling bad because of that problem. Talking about the problems related to air conditioning unit, one can face a lot of problems in it and light flashing is one of the most common problems that many people face on regular basis. If you are in same situation and you are also dealing with light flashing problem then I can help you in that situation. Here, I am sharing some tips or suggestions that can tell you How to stop light flashing on air conditioning unit in easy ways.

Restart circuit breaker: Most of the time when your air conditioning unit stops working, then you your Aircon start blowing warm air and you get light flashing on it. If your air conditioning unit has light flashing because of this problem then you wouldn’t get any trouble in correcting it. In order to do that you just need to restart the circuit breaker of your AC unit. In order to do it properly it is essential that first you switch of the circuit breaker, you wait for few seconds or a minute and then you start it again. If you air conditioning unit does not have any other problem then it shall start working properly and you will see no light flashing in it.

Check the coolant condition: Low amount of coolant is another main cause of light flashing in air conditioning system. If you will have low coolant or refrigerant in your air conditioning unit, then it will not only reduce the cooling, but it will cause the problem of light flashing as well in your air conditioning system. So, if you get this problem in your aircon system because of low coolant then you can simply ask your technician to check the coolant condition and you can ask him to refill the coolant for you. And when you will have it refilled then you will not have light flashing problem in your air conditioning system and you will get better cooling as well.

Try the test button on remote: If you have a test button on remote of air conditioning system then you can try pressing that test button to identify the reason of light flashing. When you will try the test button then you will see some error code on your remote and you can check those error codes to identify the reason of light flashing and then you can try a solution also accordingly. And if you do not have a test button on your remote then you can try some other combination such as temp up and temp down button together to get the error code the problem and after that you can find a solution of the problem on the basis of error code.

Check your multi system: Sometime multi system air conditioning also create problem of light flashing and you get no solution for that. This problem might occur in your air conditioning unit if one of the system of your multi system ac unit is not working properly. Also if one of the system is finishing an assigned mode then also it can create the light flashing error in you Aircon unit. In this situation instead of doing anything else you can simply wait for some time and once assigned task is finished it will stop the light flashing. If you notice its keep on going for a very long duration then you can simply shut the power from all of your system and then you can reconnect it after some time. When you will do this then ideally it will solve the problem for you.

Check the filter of your AC: Just like the coolant air filter can also cause the problem of light flashing in your air conditioning unit. If you will have a dirty or very old filter in your air conditioning system then you will get a lot of problems or issues in your AC and light flashing is one of those issues. Also you will not get the proper cooling because of that dirty filter and you will get not good result also with it. So, if you don’t want to have this issue in your air conditioning, then I would strongly recommend you to change your air filter every month.

Check the manual: Sometime a minor mistake or problem may also cause the issue of light flashing in your air conditioning system. If you get this problem in your air conditioning system and you are not able to solve the issue with any of the solution that I shared above then you should check the manual of your AC. Ideally, you should check the manual at first stage only, but if you miss that part then now is also not late and you can check the manual now. When you will check the manual then you might find some solution of the problem and you can try one of those solutions to get rid of light flashing issues.
In case you notice that none of the above solutions are working for you and you still notice light flashing error in your air conditioning system, then I would not suggest you to make any more tries in it. In this situation I would strongly recommend you to contact technicians for servicing of your air conditioning system. If you will do any more hit and try in it then you might create more damage and cost of repairing can go even higher.

But if you will call a technician then he will not only find the problem but he will solve the issue as ll. Also, he can do a complete servicing of your air conditioning so you can get better and effective cleaning with it in easy manner and you will be able to have a comfortable environment again with minimum trouble.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Is Air Conditioning Good For Asthma?

Clean air is by far one of the most important health concerns for everyone. However, in case you have been diagnosed with asthma then quality indoor air coupled with slightly less polluted outdoor air stands to make all the difference in the world. Just so you know, smoke, dust from the road, car exhaust and factory emissions are just some of the common hazards to the quality of outdoor air. Tobacco smoke, molds, cockroaches, pet dander, dust mites and household chemicals on the other hand are some of the common hazards of quality indoor air to be on the lookout for.

Even though asthma cannot be cured, it is possible to control the condition. We spend most of our time within closed doors (at home as well as at work). Taking this into consideration, increasing the intake of clean air is by far one of the best ways to control asthma. The installation and use of Air conditioning Units is by far one of the best ways to ensure you always take in quality air while indoors bearing in mind the fact that: Reports indicate that at the moment, there is a significant increase in the number of people suffering from asthma (a good number of which are children).

Simply put, sometimes the immediate environment can get extremely hot especially in the absence of an Air conditioning unit. This being the case, it is strongly advised that you install and A/C unit since apart from simply helping make the body feel more comfortable, it also significantly assist in making breathing easier. Keep in mind, breathing with relative ease is crucial for you and anybody else diagnosed with asthma.

An overview of the link between Air Conditioning and Asthma
Asthma is a condition triggered as result of continuous exposure to pollen, mold and animal dander materials. Unfortunately, for most of us, the intake of these particles is way beyond our control and unavoidable. Good news is, Air conditioning Units are designed with sophisticated filters with the capacity to significantly reduce the intake of these harmful particles to a minimum. In fact, air conditioning has also been found to significantly help get rid of humidity (which usually favors the growth of molds and algae unlike in dry air).

What air conditioners do is that they:
i. Pull in air from the room in question into the conditioning unit
ii. Forces the air through filters, compressors, blowers, condensers, coolers and evaporators
iii. Finally releases it back into the room at the temperature of your choosing.
This cycle is repeated not only within your immediate environment, but also within the lungs after breathing in the air. Take note, in case the air feels impure then chances are the conditioning unit is faulty. As a result, you are left most vulnerable to an asthma attack.

Significance of proper Upkeep of Air Conditioning units and its relevance to Asthma
The best way to ensure that your Air conditioning unit is fully efficient is to make sure that it is serviced at least once a year by an experienced and professional A/C contractor. During the servicing of you're A/C unit however, it is important to stress on the thorough inspection of the unit as a whole.

This should include:
i. A thorough check aimed at making sure all mechanical aspects of the unit are fully operational.
ii. A spot check on the level of the unit’s coolant in a bid to make sure that it is pure and at the right level.
iii. A thorough check to establish whether there are any molds or other particles which may have grown or piled up within the units overtime consequently cleaning or replacing the unit
iv. A close examination of the blower
v. Filter replacement

Apart from simply hiring a professional to come and service the system on an annual basis, try as much as possible to make sure that all of the above mentioned inspection issues are carry out as frequently as possible. Doing so is very important because it will help make sure that the air your breath in is clean.

Being active in all the maintenance aspects of your air conditioner is very important because it saves you from the vulnerability of suffering from a major heart attack. What's more, the fact that you will be breathing quality air will not only give you peace of mind but also make you feel more comfortable.

Keeping up good indoor air quality in your home has proven to be an important aspect of asthma management. Below is an overview of some of the top tips to help you maintain air quality in your home.

They include:-
i. Never allowing people to smoke in your home, ruling out wood fires. In case any of these is unavoidable try as much as possible to make sure that they take place as far away from the house as possible.
ii. Refrain from the use of scented products
iii. Ensure that all kinds of gas appliances directly vent to the outdoor
iv. Run the air conditioning unit especially after receiving pollution warnings.
In addition to all of the above, when purchasing a home, consider buying a home with a baseboard or better yet a radiant heating system. Also clean all air ducts within the house as well as filters of the conditioning unit on a daily basis. Taking into serious consideration all of the above measures serves as a guarantee for quality air within your home which in turn will rule out the possibility or likely hood of your or any other person that you care for suffering from asthma.

Bottom Line
In spite of all of the above, it is equally worth noting that, breathing in cold air most of the time may also result into serious loss of heat from the airways. Keep in mind; airway cooling and the significant loss of moisture are by far some of the main triggers of exercise – induced asthma. Keep in mind; you can also fight for healthier air, support research on asthma as well as people suffering from this condition by becoming an advocate. And so to answer the question, is air conditioning good for asthma, yes! It is since the benefits of taking in clean air overshadow breathing in unconditioned air.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Top 3 Aircon Services in Singapore

Air conditioner is one of the most important devices in your home. It can be used to cool down the temperature of your room effectively. When you want to use this device for a long time, you need to take a good care of this unit regularly. It is recommended for you to repair and service your own air conditioner regularly. If you want to repair your aircon unit, you need to select the best air conditioner service that is available in Singapore. Here are top 3 aircon services that are available in this country. These services are very popular among many customers who live in Singapore these days.

1. E Home Services

When you want to take care of your air conditioner, you should take a look at this company. This is a one stop solution for all customers in this country. There are several good services that are offered by E Home Services, for example part time maid, aircon service, carpet cleaning, laundry pickup, and also curtain cleaning. You can contact this company to ask about its aircon service, especially when you want to repair any problems on your own air conditioner. 

E Home Services offer several types of aircon services, including normal aircon servicing, chemical cleaning fan oil and condenser, aircon overhaul, troubleshooting, and also regular checking. You can select the best service that is good for your needs. When you contact this company, you can also discuss with some professional customer representatives from E Home Services. They are ready to help you choose the right aircon service package that is good for your own needs. 

This company offers warranty for all customers. This warranty is made to ensure the overall quality and performance of this reliable service. You will never have to worry about the service quality from this company. If you feel unhappy with the result, you can always contact the customer service from this company. When you plan to service your air conditioner now, you need to contact this company for booking your appointment today. It is recommended that you book your schedule in advance, so you can get the best schedule for yourself. 

2. @bsolute Aircon

This is another popular aircon service company that is located in Singapore. There are many people who are interested with all great services from this company. When you are looking for a reliable aircon company, you can take a look at all details from @bsolute Aircon. This is a one stop solution for any types of aircon services, such as regular aircon servicing, chemical wash, and also repair services. There are many other useful services that are provided by this reliable company. You can contact this company for asking about all available services today. 

This leading aircon service company is recommended for most customers these days. @bsolute Aircon is a registered aircon service company in Singapore. You will be able to rely on the official license from this company. In order to get this license, this company should pass several tests from the Singapore's government. These tests are done for ensuring the overall quality of all services from this company. It shows the overall performance that is offered by this company. Therefore, you should feel comfortable with the service quality from this company.

When you contact this aircon service company, you can also ask about the detailed quote from this company. This quote is available for all customers without any additional expensive cost. When you want to hire the best aircon service, you need to take a look at this quote for finding the best service for yourself. This quote can also help you manage your own budget for repairing or servicing your own air conditioner easily. It is recommended that you manage your own budget for servicing your air conditioner properly before you hire the best service from @bsolute Aircon.

3. Singapore Aircon Servicing

There are many positive reviews about this reliable aircon service company. This company is very well-known for its high quality aircon service for all customers. When you use this service, you are able to reduce the overall electricity cost in your home. Reducing your electricity cost can help you save a lot of money for your utility cost. Singapore Aircon Servicing has some professional experts who know how to provide the best service for all customers. They are ready to help you find the best way to reduce the overall utility cost in your home. 

This company is very well-known for its affordable service. When you hire this aircon service, you don't need to spend a lot of money for taking care of your air conditioner. Don't forget to ask about the quotation from this aircon service company. This quotation is available for all customers who want to take care of their aircon units easily. This quotation is also useful to reduce the risk of getting any hidden fees from this company. 

When you hire this service, you can rely on the performance and quality of all professional experts from this company. They are insured and certified well, so they are able to provide the best service for all customers. All of these experts are professionally trained, so they can have proper knowledge and skills for taking care of your air conditioner. Because of this reason, you will never have to worry about the performance or service quality from these professional experts from Singapore Aircon Servicing company, especially when you want to service your air conditioner easily.

After reading this page, you are able to compare some available aircon service companies in Singapore easily. It is a great idea for you to select the best company that has good reputation among all customers in Singapore. Those companies are very popular among many customers because they can provide high quality service for all clients. It can be a perfect time for you to contact those companies, so you can compare their services easily. Don't forget to book your appointment based on your available schedule. Contact the best company for asking about the available schedule for taking care of your air conditioner.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

8 Ways You Can Finally Stop Aircon From Dripping Water

There are many problems that may occur on your air conditioner. Dripping water is believed to be one of the most popular issues on your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is leaked, you need to learn about how to stop the dripping water problem as quickly as possible. This article can help you stop this problem immediately. You don't need to spend your time for treating this aircon problem, especially when you follow some of these simple tips properly. These tips are proven to be good for treating leaked air conditioner problem in your daily life easily and quickly. 

1. Turn off the device

This is the first step that you should do, so you can take a look at the problem very carefully. You need to make sure that the device is turned off completely. This step is also important to protect you from getting electrocuted, especially when you inspect your air conditioner. Turning off your device can also maintain the quality of all parts inside your air conditioner. This step can also reduce the ice formation that may occur on your unit. Don't forget to unplug the cable from the electric source, so you can make sure that there is no electric current in your unit. 

2. Look at the condition inside your air conditioner

After you are ready to repair your air conditioner, you need to take a look at this simple step. You can look at the condition of your air conditioner very carefully. Make sure that you know and understand about all parts of your air conditioner .This step allows you to take a look at all possible factors that can cause dripping water on your aircon unit. You can use some useful tools for inspecting all parts of your air conditioner, for example flashlight. When you are in this step, you need to determine the right factor that can cause your dripping water problem. 

3. Remove ice from the cooling system

Ice formation is one of the most common factors that can cause water dripping problem in your unit. In most cases, this ice is going to be formed around the cooling system. It is recommended for you to remove ice from the cooling system, so you can take a good care of your air conditioner easily. You can look at the cooling grille, especially when you want to remove ice from this system completely. There are some recommended melting tools that are available today. You can also use special solution for melting all ice formation in your air conditioner unit. 

4. Clean the drain hole

When the drainage system in your unit is blocked, this system cannot transfer any water correctly. As the result, it is going to cause water dripping problem in some units. Therefore, you need to clean this drain hole from any impurities, such as dirt, dust, and many other unwanted materials. When it is necessary, you are able to flush this hole with pressurized water. It can help you solve this problem immediately. Once the drain hole is cleaned completely, this system can be used to transfer water inside the air conditioner properly. 

5. Replace the filter regularly

Not many people are able to know about this simple tip. When you have water dripping problem in your unit, you need to check the air filter inside your unit. This filter should be cleaned regularly, in order to function normally. This filter can be blocked by some impurities, such as dirt, microorganisms, dust, and other unwanted things. It is also important to replace this filter regularly, especially when the filter cannot function normally. Replacing this filter regularly can help you prevent the water dripping problem in the future. 

6. Treat the too cold temperature issue

This is another problem that may occur on your own air conditioner. When your unit cannot control the temperature properly, it is going to cause too cold temperature. When this situation occurs, it is going to lead to the water dripping problem. If you want to treat this problem, you have to check the thermostat in your unit. This part is very important to manage the temperature of your air conditioner. When your device can manage the temperature properly, you will never have to worry about getting any water dripping problems anymore. 

7. Check the installation process

This tip is very useful for all people who are using new air conditioner. Some new units are not properly installed. Therefore, they can cause water dripping problem in your life. When it is necessary, you can also check the installation process for ensuring the performance of your air conditioner. Don't forget to read the owner's manual, especially when you want to install your unit properly. Proper installation process can help you avoid getting problems with the water dripping issue in your unit. You can also check the position of all parts of your air conditioner unit properly. 

8. Close any unnecessary holes on your air conditioner

When your air conditioner is not properly installed, it is going to have some unnecessary holes around your unit. These holes can cause the air to condense around your air conditioner. This condensation can lead to the water dripping problem on your unit. Therefore, you need to put all parts of your unit properly. You can also use foam insulation to reduce any effects of the air condensation around your unit. This is another useful method that you can use, especially when you have water dripping problem on your air conditioner regularly. 

Treating your water dripping problem on the air conditioner should be a simple task to do. You can simply do all procedures by your own, especially when you have good skills and knowledge about your air conditioner. It is also a great idea to hire professional aircon service today. This type of service can help you treat your water dripping problem easily. This service can save a lot of your time and money, so you can enjoy high quality air conditioner device without affecting your life quality. Contact the best aircon service in Singapore today, in order to fix any problems with your unit.