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Sunday, 5 April 2015

8 Ways You Can Finally Stop Aircon From Dripping Water

There are many problems that may occur on your air conditioner. Dripping water is believed to be one of the most popular issues on your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is leaked, you need to learn about how to stop the dripping water problem as quickly as possible. This article can help you stop this problem immediately. You don't need to spend your time for treating this aircon problem, especially when you follow some of these simple tips properly. These tips are proven to be good for treating leaked air conditioner problem in your daily life easily and quickly. 

1. Turn off the device

This is the first step that you should do, so you can take a look at the problem very carefully. You need to make sure that the device is turned off completely. This step is also important to protect you from getting electrocuted, especially when you inspect your air conditioner. Turning off your device can also maintain the quality of all parts inside your air conditioner. This step can also reduce the ice formation that may occur on your unit. Don't forget to unplug the cable from the electric source, so you can make sure that there is no electric current in your unit. 

2. Look at the condition inside your air conditioner

After you are ready to repair your air conditioner, you need to take a look at this simple step. You can look at the condition of your air conditioner very carefully. Make sure that you know and understand about all parts of your air conditioner .This step allows you to take a look at all possible factors that can cause dripping water on your aircon unit. You can use some useful tools for inspecting all parts of your air conditioner, for example flashlight. When you are in this step, you need to determine the right factor that can cause your dripping water problem. 

3. Remove ice from the cooling system

Ice formation is one of the most common factors that can cause water dripping problem in your unit. In most cases, this ice is going to be formed around the cooling system. It is recommended for you to remove ice from the cooling system, so you can take a good care of your air conditioner easily. You can look at the cooling grille, especially when you want to remove ice from this system completely. There are some recommended melting tools that are available today. You can also use special solution for melting all ice formation in your air conditioner unit. 

4. Clean the drain hole

When the drainage system in your unit is blocked, this system cannot transfer any water correctly. As the result, it is going to cause water dripping problem in some units. Therefore, you need to clean this drain hole from any impurities, such as dirt, dust, and many other unwanted materials. When it is necessary, you are able to flush this hole with pressurized water. It can help you solve this problem immediately. Once the drain hole is cleaned completely, this system can be used to transfer water inside the air conditioner properly. 

5. Replace the filter regularly

Not many people are able to know about this simple tip. When you have water dripping problem in your unit, you need to check the air filter inside your unit. This filter should be cleaned regularly, in order to function normally. This filter can be blocked by some impurities, such as dirt, microorganisms, dust, and other unwanted things. It is also important to replace this filter regularly, especially when the filter cannot function normally. Replacing this filter regularly can help you prevent the water dripping problem in the future. 

6. Treat the too cold temperature issue

This is another problem that may occur on your own air conditioner. When your unit cannot control the temperature properly, it is going to cause too cold temperature. When this situation occurs, it is going to lead to the water dripping problem. If you want to treat this problem, you have to check the thermostat in your unit. This part is very important to manage the temperature of your air conditioner. When your device can manage the temperature properly, you will never have to worry about getting any water dripping problems anymore. 

7. Check the installation process

This tip is very useful for all people who are using new air conditioner. Some new units are not properly installed. Therefore, they can cause water dripping problem in your life. When it is necessary, you can also check the installation process for ensuring the performance of your air conditioner. Don't forget to read the owner's manual, especially when you want to install your unit properly. Proper installation process can help you avoid getting problems with the water dripping issue in your unit. You can also check the position of all parts of your air conditioner unit properly. 

8. Close any unnecessary holes on your air conditioner

When your air conditioner is not properly installed, it is going to have some unnecessary holes around your unit. These holes can cause the air to condense around your air conditioner. This condensation can lead to the water dripping problem on your unit. Therefore, you need to put all parts of your unit properly. You can also use foam insulation to reduce any effects of the air condensation around your unit. This is another useful method that you can use, especially when you have water dripping problem on your air conditioner regularly. 

Treating your water dripping problem on the air conditioner should be a simple task to do. You can simply do all procedures by your own, especially when you have good skills and knowledge about your air conditioner. It is also a great idea to hire professional aircon service today. This type of service can help you treat your water dripping problem easily. This service can save a lot of your time and money, so you can enjoy high quality air conditioner device without affecting your life quality. Contact the best aircon service in Singapore today, in order to fix any problems with your unit.


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