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Saturday, 1 October 2016

How To Do Ceiling Cassette Aircon Chemical Overhaul

If you live in Singapore, you can be able to maintain favorable room temperatures by installing aircons. They are suitable for use in offices, cafes, hotels and even in homes. You are able to enjoy comfortable environment throughout the year even when the temperatures outside are hot or cold. There are several types of aircon, ceiling cassette aircon being one of the most trusted, reliable and effective ones. 

Many Singaporeans like the product for it is highly discreet as only the grill is visible on the ceiling above. It has modern fan technology to act as the distributor of air in the room. Ceiling cassette systems offer cooling and heating services.

The following are its features:

Inverter Technology

Ceiling cassette aircon unit has an advanced technology which allows easy, stable and noise-free operation. It also makes the units to be more economical compared to other conventional units. The technology helps the system to handle high temperature extremes.

Swing Louvers
The swinging technology facilitates the up and down movement where the automatic up swing aids in cooling while the automatic down swing facilitates heating.

Slender Fit 
The ceiling cassette has a slim fit body design which occupies about 1 to 3/8 inches under the ceiling which is limited space. This makes it very famous with Singaporeans who prefer slender designs to prevent cases where a room looks crowded.

4-Way Airflow System
The more the directions that air flows in a space the better the maintenance of temperature in that space. Ceiling cassete aircon has airflow moving in 4 directions and so it provides high level of comfort ability.

Wired Remote Control
The remote control features child lock, remote temperature sensor, weekly timer, daily timer for on and off and that one for twice daily, one to be set in intervals of five minutes. It also able to control from 1 – 16 units indoors. Washable and Detachable filter and grill which aids in simple service and maintenance.

Energy Saver
The energy saver keeps the room cool using a thermostat setting for relaxed. The setting enables the air conditioner to decrease consumption of power when a set temperature reading is achieved.

Smart Aircon System: Auto-Mode
When the system is first switched on, the fan is at high speed to get to the set temperature as fast as possible. Afterwards, the speed comes down to maintain set temperatures.

Humidity Control
It has a dry mode function to control levels of humidity even in times when cooling is not necessary.

Intake of Fresh Air
The airflow from outside can be achieved through attaching a flexible duct to knockouts of fresh air.

There are other basic features of ceiling cassette which include:

- Auto Changeover
- Cold prevention,
- Low Ambient,
- Auto Reset/ Restart, High ceiling Mode.

This important system needs servicing from time to time so that it can work efficiently. You need to hire the services of an aircon service company to wash parts for fresh and healthier air. Such service providers are experts in Aircon chemical wash, servicing, repair, installation, overhaul and Freon gas to-up.

When these services are not done as often as it is necessary, they affect the quality of air that comes out of your system in a negative way. Cleaning makes sure that the air you breathe in is as sanitary and healthy as possible. The experts as able to prevent any dysfunction or leakage from the system. The system may not have any noticeable problems but if left un-serviced for long the next heat wave may become problematic.

When problems are discovered in good time, it becomes very possible to repair and prolong the lifespan of the aircon. It also saves money as a small problem costs way less compared to a major repair after a system breakdown. In other words, an expensive problem is prevented.

As already mentioned above, chemical overhaul is one of the processes needed for proper aircon maintenance. It involves thorough cleaning and reconditioning of an air con. It restores functionality in units which stay for long without any kind of service in which case ordinary cleaning may fail to work.

It also lubricates bearings of fan to ensure the operation is noise-free, it replaces bearings that are faulty and removes operational noise. It checks all system controls including thermostat and cleans blower wheels, drain pans and pipes with the right chemicals. It deals with grime and dust accumulation through fan evaporator coil cleaning for facilitation of smooth heat transfer. If you are contending with aircon leakage, a drainage system chemical cleansing is done to help stop the problem.

Chemical overhaul on ceiling cassette aircon involves some steps. The aircon is dismantled from the ceiling to ensure that the filters are well cleaned by use of chemicals for clean air and prevention of allergies.

Another step involves fan evaporator coil chemical cleaning. This ensures good transfer of heat as well as elimination of dust and dirt build-up. Refrigerant gas is topped up which is a material for heat exchange used in aircons and refrigerators. The chemicals utilized are formulated to be able to break down the build-up sucked into the machine.

A chemical overhaul expert working on ceiling cassette checks, tests and commissions the system. The coil is removed from the ceiling and a chemical wash is done. Some good amount of water is used to rinse to make sure that there is no chemical left which could corrode the coil after the service is done. All the other parts are cleaned one by one. They are then assembled back and things such as the pressure are checked and a complete test run conducted.

After the procedure is done, you will notice reduced power bills since the ceiling cassette aircon works less hard to cool or heat the room. It will also lengthen its lifespan saving resources such as time and money needed for repair or replacement. You will enjoy cleaner conditioning with little or no troubles for a very affordable fee at The beauty about it is that though it is an overhaul exercise, it takes a minimum of one and a half hours and a maximum of two hours.

Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Solve Aircon Trunking Condensation?

It is very possible to solve aircon trunking condensation. However, you have to know why the problem began in the first place. In fact, you have to understand what aircon trunking condensation is before you look for the right help. Condensation in the trunking is normal and it happens when your house is warmed or cooled. Moisture droplets will form and they have to be channeled somewhere. Normally, there are two ways to take care of this moisture; first through the primary drip line and then through the backup drip line. When these lines are not working properly, some droplets will start to form or leak from the air conditioner. The following are some of the top problems that might be wrong causing condensation.

. Insulation that is poor
When the aircon insulation is not thick enough, this will definitely cause aircon trunking condensation. It is really not your fault because the company that installed the insulation should do a better job. In this regard, it is always wise to work with a Singapore company that has a proven track record of installing high quality insulation for your aircon system. In addition, you have to choose a maintenance company that will provide the right insulation material with appropriate thickness. This will be in a position to provide you a better service over a longer period of time.

. Installation flaws
Another cause of trunking condensation in the trunk is poor installation. This happens when spaces are left between the trunks and when the water droplets cool, the leaking will be experienced. The only way to solve this problem is to have a good Singapore aircon company install your system. Do not just go with any company but take time to look at the type of service they offer. If they meet the quality, you can have them install your aircon trunking system.

. Trap floor blockage
This is another common reason why the condensation happens. Through the pipe blockage, the moisture is not able to drain properly and therefore it starts to leak. The only way to solve this problem is to hire an aircon technician who will be able to unblock the system.

How to choose the right aircon company in Singapore to solve this problem

They say prevention is better than cure and it is possible to avoid aircon trunking condensation in the first place. All you have to do is to hire the right professional to do your installation. The following are some of the most important traits to consider before hiring an expert in Singapore.

1. A good company will provide follow up services
Follow up services where aircon systems are concerned are very important. This is because problems like trunking condensation can be easily avoided. Further, this will see the customer spend less money for repair purposes. A company that is willing to maintain good customer relations in Singapore should be able to provide these follow up services for their customers. The good news is that there are many such companies and your search will not be too long. Go for companies that are willing to take the full responsibility if their installations do not satisfy you; specifically when it comes to the problem of condensation.

2. Insurance matters
The aircon company in Singapore must be insured because this is a statutory requirement. For this reason, if anything happens when the repair is going on, you can rest assured that you will be covered. In this regard, the precaution works very well. Do not choose a company that has not provided proper documentation regarding insurance. This will make it hard to solve your problems when they arise.

3. Certification
You cannot consider an aircom service that has not been properly certified and licensed to provide services in Singapore. Hiring rogue technicians might be the source of your problems. You do not want to make your aircon issues worse and the best way to do it is to work with people who have the right qualifications regarding licensing and certification. Do not take the word of the company for it even if they have very good adverts; follow due diligence and work with people who can be trusted.

4. Check company reviews
Hire the services of a company that has created a good reputation for itself. When others readily refer a particular company, you can be sure that their quality is above reproach. Also, go online and read the user reviews and if they are good, you can consider them.

5. Consider the rates
A good service is one that has competitive pricing. Rates should favor your budget without compromising on quality. On the other hand, do not just hire services because they are the cheapest. You need to know that cheap can be expensive. You must be driven by the quality of work that will be delivered. To solve your problems among them trunking condensation, you need services that will do away with the problem in a professional manner.

6. Good experience
It is vital to choose a Singapore service that has a wealth of experience in providing services. This way, you will know that you can rely on them for repair and installation. The technicians must have good training and with ample experience to solve your problems.


The tips above will help you choose the right services to solve trunking condensation and others. This problem can be made worse by unqualified technicians who will not be able to solve the condensation issue properly. Additionally, some services might install insulation that is not thick enough for malicious purposes. Others will not be able to get rid of blockages in the right manner. Some technicians who are not qualified cannot even install the trunks in the proper way. Therefore, you have to look at the bigger picture when you are thinking about how to solve aircon trunking condensation. It has to start with the right service and products; and you have the power to make a good choice. In the end, this will save you not just heartache but money as well. There are many other elements to consider but this is an insight.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Dry Mode VS Cool Mode in Aircon

Do you own an air conditioner? If you have one then you should know which mode is good for you. It is recommended that you understand your machine so that you make most out of it especially when it is extremely hot. The cold conditions can be countered using your air conditioner and alternatively putting on warmer clothes. On the other hand, hot weather can only be dealt with using quality air conditioners because removal of your clothes has its limits unless you are a nudist. A top-notch device will supply you with cool and clean air in your office or home. It is thus important that you understand how to use all functions especially the dry mode.

The dry mode 

Do you have difficulties in differentiating between cool mode and dry mode of your air conditioner? Please do not worry because you are not alone and they rarely feel different to some extent. However, the two are very different in terms of their functions as well as results. A simple distinction check can be done using your remote control. There is a clear water drop symbol that on the remote for the dry mode while the cool mode is frequently represented by a snow flake. It is worth noting that the dry function is not found on all air conditioners. The window units and your centralized air conditioning units are the most likely area that will have air conditioners with a dry mode function. Its main aim is to make sure that your office or home has a standardized humidity content. This is set to work in such a manner because increased humidity increases temperatures. It is an effect that can be felt even in relatively low temperatures.

The basic functioning of the dry mode is reducing humidity that in turn reduces temperature. Whenever it is humid due to rains or any other reason, you should have a machine with this mode. Such times do not have extremely hot temperatures that necessitate the use of cold mode. However, the humidity amount is very high and at times irritating. It is advisable that you comprehend the fact that your dry mode is not targeted at removing all room moisture.

The dry mode’s working
When you set your air conditioner in dry mode all its internal components will start working including the fan. The cold air is not blown out in the process by the system. Your room air is passed through the air conditioner and the evaporator condenses all available water vapor. There will be inflow of dry air back to your room after exiting the unit. The dry mode's operation is similar to that of a dehumidifier. Moreover, in case you are on need of a standalone dehumidifier then a visit a local hardware store or a home improvement outlet. This will enable you to get the type of machine that best suits your needs. It is always an alternative for those of you who operate in larger rooms mostly at work. They are better because an air conditioner in dry mode only removes a fraction of the moisture in the area you occupy.

Assuming that there is 90% room humidity and the thermostat settings are at 250 C, this is how your air conditioner works:

•An increment of moisture in your room will increase temperatures thus the air conditioner is switched on. This can be manually or automatically.
•Air is sucked in by the running fan.
•Humidity is condensed by the compressor.
•Temperature drops back to the set 250 C.
•The compressor and the fan stops working.
•Temperatures start to rise with the rise in humidity.
•The temperature reaches 260 C thus prompting the air conditioner to start working.
•The cycle is repeated depending on temperature dynamics.

The Cool Mode’s difference 

The cool mode is usually the default mode that your air conditioner runs on. The mode usually relies on the inbuilt system compressor to bring about the cooling effect to your residential or commercial place. It is recommended that you set your desired temperature as well as fan speed for your machine. These are the simple requirements of the default settings. After the room has attained the set temperature, the compressor will automatically stop but the fan keeps on working. The continued fan operation ensures that there is even distribution of cool air. It is also a process that regulates room humidity. However, your cool mode is not able to maintain a particular humidity level.

To add to that, the mode has the ability to consume most power when compared to the dry mode. This is definitely the cause of an increase in your electricity bill because you will be tempted to leave the machine running or you might forget to switch it off. To reduce its effects on your hard earned money and at the same time enjoy its comfort you are advised to set the temperature at around 25 degree Celsius.

In addition, after knowing how the two modes work it will be good if you start a habit of using your air conditioner properly. This can be done by running it in the most appropriate mode based on the prevailing room humidity and temperature.

Which is the better mode?

At times it is hard to differentiate the two modes. However, in cool mode the compressor will stop running leaving the fan running when temperatures drop to 250C. On the contrary, the dry mode for aimed at maintaining a particular desired humidity level, which is usually at 60%. These humidity transformations happen in both modes but the dry mode maintains it while the cool mode does not. The cool settings leaves humidity to, drastically increase as the fan keeps on running. Here are some of the benefits of using the dry mode:

•Low moisture-The lower the moisture in your room the lower the temperature. Furthermore, lowered moisture reduces moisture related irritation.

•Comfortable temperature-Comfort is not only derived from cooling. This can be achieved using your air conditioner's dry settings.

•Energy saving-The amount of energy your appliance consumes has a bearing on your way of life. It can stretch your budget limits or help you to be within your budget constraints. The dry mode is energy efficient compared to the cool mode.

Please note that the dry mode will not cool your room. The cooling effect from this mode is due to excess moisture removal and not the room cooling in real terms. Use it to live in a comfortably cool environment and at the same time save some coins.

In conclusion, your air conditioner is a great investment whenever you are in Singapore or touring the world. It will help you reside in an environment that you want. Its great use is a wise adventure to undertake. Purchase one from a local store or from credible online entities today. Your room environment will never be the same as you ponder about which mode is great for you.

Monday, 11 July 2016

What Is Aircon Pressure Test and When Should You Perform It?

An air conditioner that is not functioning properly can be the cause of a lot of discomfort especially during the hot Singapore weather. The device cools the surrounding environment typically through a refrigeration cycle. The cooling effect then provides favorable temperatures. Sometimes the gas used in the refrigeration cycle, usually known as a refrigerant gas, gets depleted. This is the most common sign of a faulty air conditioning system. When you constantly have to top up the gas, then you most probably have a leakage in the system. Carrying out an aircon pressure test will help you identify the leakage and decide on the right corrective measures. The test is done by inducing high pressure into the fancoil, condenser and the refrigerant piping system in order to identify the leakage area.

Carrying out an aircon pressure test is not exactly a repair work. It is only done to figure out the leakage area and there after find the right repair mechanism. It will help the service company to have an idea about the scope of repair work needed to get the conditioning system functioning properly. If this is not done, finding the location of the problem may prove to be very difficult and the damage may become even bigger. That would make repairs more costly and the whole system ineffective.

When should you perform an aircon pressure test?

As noted earlier, the test is basically done to identify a leakage area in the cooling system. On the other hand, it is difficult to know right away that the reason why the air conditioner is not working properly is because of gas leakage. So when should you find it necessary to carry out this type of test?

1. Constant topping up of the refrigerant gas
The is the ultimate red flag. When you regularly have to top up the refrigerant gas, then most likely your air conditioning system has a leakage somewhere. Carrying out the test will help you identify the leakage area and find the right method of repair. It is really expensive to have such an aircon because of the high amount of resources spent on constantly refilling the gas. By identifying the leakage area, it is possible to institute the correct repair measures and get it properly working again, in the process saving a lot of resources that would have been unnecessarily used.

2. During routine maintenance services
Sometimes the leakage can be so small that you'd most probably not notice it. The only problem is that in the long run, you'll still refill the refrigerant gas a couple of times more than you actually should have. It is possible to catch such small leakages during a scheduled routine service. You'd also be preventing further damages as the leakage is probably bound to become bigger with time if not taken care of. Most aircons require regular maintenance services and therefore using such moments to test for pressure is convenient and will also save you a lot of time and resources.

3. When the conditioning system is not functioning properly
When the air conditioning system stops functioning properly, it is important to carry out an aircon pressure test. There are many reasons why the system can stop working at an optimal level, key among them being depletion of the refrigerant gas. Sometimes the problem may stem from the wiring system but on most occasions the real cause is a gas leakage. In order to decide on the correct repair mechanism, carrying out a pressure test is highly recommended. It gives you the ability to make an informed decision and find a lasting solution to the problem. It is very easy to detect a faulty aircon system more so during the hot weather when searing temperatures make every room difficult to stay in. Air conditioning systems are generally more effective than conventional fans. Even during very hot weather, they offer great cooling effects. When that does not happen then carrying out a pressure test would be in order.

4. During the initial installation 
When you first install the air conditioning system, it is prudent to carry out a pressure test. It's always best to start off on the right note and carrying out this kind of test only ensures that you install a system that will serve its purpose in the best way possible. An initial test can also be considered as a test run to determine whether you are actually getting value for money. If the system was already damaged at the time of purchase, it is possible for the selling company to offer an exchange or carter for the necessary repairs. If you wait for very long, it is easy for them to deny responsibility and leave you with the burden of footing the repair costs.

5. Before the expiration of the warranty period
Most electronic devices usually have warranties which is a great thing because it protects you from economic loss for a certain period and ensures that you get value for money. Some companies that sell aircons offer warranties to their customers for a specific duration which means that in case of unintentional damage, they get to carter for the repair services or provide replacements. Carrying out a pressure test before the expiration of the warranty period provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of such an offer and also save your money. It will also ensure that you get quality repair services done by professional contractors.

These are some of the occasions when it is necessary to perform pressure tests on the air conditioning system. A properly working air conditioner cools the surrounding environment and makes it suitable for those around it. It comes in handy during hot weather conditions where even a well ventilated room cannot do enough to reduce the hot temperatures. The refrigerant gas is the most important component of the cooling system and without it the aircon cannot provide the customary cooling effect. The gas quickly gets depleted whenever there is a leakage in the system and that is why it is important to carry out the pressure tests and identify the leakage area. The right repair solution will always get your aircon working in perfect condition.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Daikin Inverter Split Unit VS Mitsubishi Inverter Split Unit

Differences between Daikin Inverter Split Unit and Mitsubishi Inverter split unit Do you know various categories of split systems? If your answer is no, then you are on the right track. It is pretty obvious that air conditioner split systems are both outdoor and indoor units. Do you want to install air conditioner systems in your home or office? Well, you could be making the best decision ever. In the real sense, you need to have a clear understanding of the best brands. It is obvious that they are in different styles and capacities.

Do you want to know some of the best brands and their features? Now you are in the right place. This informative article gives you clear details about two main air conditioning systems. Their differences are outlined clearly thus making it easier for you to know which brand to choose.

The two brands are;

1. Daikin Inverter split Unit
2. Mitsubishi Inverter Split Unit

Before knowing the available brands it is good to first of all understand that advantages of air conditioner split systems.

Some of the benefits are;

• The indoor and outdoor units are silent. So you don’t have to worry about the environment pollution. The systems are ecologically friendly.
• The indoor units are kept away from outdoor units. They can be over 20 meters away from each other.
• Another important benefit is that the split units aren’t outdated. They are designed in modern styles.
• The great advantage is that they cool and heat.
These are the main advantages. It is also important to choose who will install your air conditioning in case you happen to purchase them.

Below are the main factors;

1. Services offered- choose a company that will have perfect services. This means that they follow you up to ensure that the installations have been done. They also ensure that they offer repair services whenever required. It is, therefore, important to choose that a responsible company for your services.

2. Insured company- before buying any brand you should consider the fact that the company is insured by the government. You will definitely be at pace when it comes to repair and installations of your air conditioning systems.

3. Certification- Ensure that the company that you have decided to work with, have the right qualification for split unit services. Be aware of their quality of services and availability.

4. Response time- you should know the response time of the company. In case of an emergency, a good company should have prompt responses once they are called upon. Find out whether the company is available all round the clock.

5. Reputation of a company – gets to know how the company has presented itself to others. Know the people views and understand whether the company is good or not. It is obvious to choose a company that guarantees full satisfactions to their customers.

6. How equipped is the company?- Know whether the company has the right equipment. Identify if the tools are for the right purpose.

Now that you have the whole idea, you should be a bit cautious if you want your air conditioning unit to be installed. After doing that you can choose the best brand.

It is good to note that you should put into consideration your home of office layout before choosing the right brand of split system.

Now it’s time to learn about the above -mentioned brands of split systems.

The first brand is Daikin Inverter split unit. Precise information concerning this amazing brand is crucial.

The truth of the matter is that they are common split systems. There are wall mounted units.
Their designs allow an easy cleaning due to their smooth surfaces.

They have a wide variety of available indoor units. So if you think of decorating your home with an air conditioner, you can simply choose Daikin brand. You can easily choose a model that will fit your home. Unlike the Mitsubishi inverter that has its own unique feature.

When using these wonderful systems, you have an ability to be in charge of indoor units by yourself. This shows that the temperature is maintained ideally. This enables you to keep low costs because only those rooms that will require air conditioning are switched on, unlike Mitsubishi inverter. They have a standby power function.

This air purifier system is effective as it allows air to flow to all corners of the room. This makes it have the best quality as an air conditioner. It is, therefore, appropriate for those people who suffer asthma. They are good for people with allergies thus creating a healthier environment.

They perform their tasks appropriately because trap airborne particles and decomposes odors. Hence performing a double action

The brand logo looks different from that of Mitsubishi. It has black and blue colors and it is triangular in shape.

The second brand is Mitsubishi Inverter

This is another split unit that can work best for you.

It has high effective energy so you don’t have to worry about saving the energy.

A good advantage is that its operations are eco-friendly in that they are silent.

They also made of the modern styles. Their filtrations are more advanced than those of Daikin brands. They have the super clean air conditioning features. It has made an inverter system known as deluxe.

Their style characteristics are exceptional. This is true because they have a sensor which is used to sense temperature. This is not the same as the first air conditioning brand.

This brand is known in the market due to its unique feature, unlike Daikin. This i-see sensor scans the floor temperature as it seeks round for cold or hot areas. It repeatedly directs the flow of the air to the correct temperature. Unlike the Daikin inverters split systems.

The brand logo of Mitsubishi inverter is red in color and it has a diamond shaped logo which is different from Daikin.

Now that you have known the two different types of brands to choose from, it is good to make the right decision. By looking at their differences you clearly get an idea of what you want. You now don’t have to struggle anymore. Once you buy, make use of the aforementioned guidelines which will be of great help to you.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Pros & Cons On DIY Aircon Servicing

It's natural for people who own air conditioners to experience problems along the way. Depending on how long you've had the unit and how well you take care of it, certain factors influence its effectiveness. The performance of air conditioners highly relies on proper care. Regular maintenance will ensure that you would need less repair jobs in the future. When faced with problems regarding air conditioners, people who live in Singapore would normally hire a professional to have it fixed. 

However, a great alternative of fixing it is trying DIY solutions. This is a great substitute to hiring companies who are known to charge high labor fees. Aircon Servicing is very important in Singapore. It affects the home, office, and other institutions. When the process is done correctly, it will prolong the lifespan of your unit. Another benefit is getting cleaner air. Breathing in clean air should be every Singaporean's top priority. It will ensure that you're living in a healthy environment. Air circulation should always be free from germs and bacteria. If not, this could lead to frequent trips to the doctor which no one wants to go through. Lastly, an air conditioner which has dirt and fungus will not be able to function correctly. It could lead to potential water leakage which is considered dangerous. This is because it causes the air conditioner to put in extra effort to be able to run smoothly. Today, we will be discussing about The Pros and Cons on DIY Aircon Servicing.


One of the most significant benefits of Do It Yourself (DIY) methods is that it requires less money. Consulting fees, labor fees, and checkup fees could all add up to become very expensive. By choosing DIY solutions, it's only your time which is affected. You will have to do the repairs yourself. This means that you would need to acquire the necessary tools and equipment by visiting hardware stores. The only thing you have to purchase are the extra parts needed. However, there's still not too much work needed compared to the hassle of paying higher rates by hiring professional companies.

Fixing you own air conditioner will require you to do some research. By doing so, it enhances your knowledge about the proper steps to take in repairing your air conditioner. It will also help you understand your unit better. As a result, you'll know exactly how to fix the problem in the future. Knowledge is considered to be priceless. It comes with various benefits like learning how to maintain your air conditioner well and how to use it properly. There will be a significant decrease of damages in the long run since you're able to adjust your usage according to your air conditioner's capacity.

If you decide to perform DIY solutions, it will be more convenient than calling a professional. You wouldn't need to explain what's happening nor go in to much details. It's up to you to figure out how you can fix the problem. Professional companies have several fees which they charge for individually. They might not be able to visit your house when you want them to. You will have to schedule an appointment and go through the hassle of welcoming a stranger to your home. Fixing the problem yourself will not require any Aircon Servicing.


Air conditioner repairs using DIY's have very serious effects. This is the reason why many people still prefer hiring a professional to avoid these risks. Since you're not an expert, mistakes are bound to happen. A lot of things can go wrong since you're not completely knowledgeable about fixing the problem. The accidental mistakes you make could lead to damaging your unit. In very complicated circumstances, it could ruin your air conditioner completely. When you first notice that there's something wrong with your unit, it will be difficult to know where to look. You may not have answers to all of your questions.

Since air conditioners are electronic appliances, there are lots of wirings and cables inside it. Electricity runs through it so a mistake on your part could lead to personal injury. Not only will you hurt yourself by getting bruised or burned, your surrounding environment will also be affected. Physical damages will cost even more money. As a result, you will end up being more stressed out than you originally were. You might not be aware of the safety concerns and risks involved. It's a very intricate process which uses several techniques. If not done correctly, it puts the individual and the environment at risk.

Only those people who have studied mechanical or electrical courses in school will find it an easy task. For those who are completely new to the idea of fixing their own air conditioners, it will be more difficult. Because of this, damages to your unit can occur. Accidents may happen. It will cost you even more money to fix the problem since you'll most likely have to replace the entire unit. Not everyone can make a DIY successful. Some people really need someone else's expertise to help them out.

Air conditioners which don't run smoothly have a higher chance of electrical input. This means that when your electric bill comes, you will notice the significant increase in charges. A fully functioning air conditioner will not have this problem. All of its wirings, electrical currents and buttons should work properly. If not, you run the risk of more expensive electrical bills. The worst part is you wouldn't even be aware that this is happening until your bill arrives.

After fixing the problem, your unit could look like it's back to normal. However, problems could still arise afterwards. The air conditioner will not be in top condition anymore. For a short period of time, it could potentially work properly. But eventually, after some time it will give in to the pressure again. This means you will need to do the entire process over again. Starting from figuring out what causes the problem, researching on how to fix it, acquiring the tools needed to finally manually disassembling the unit.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VS Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

While installing an aircon in Singapore in the home or office one must focus on buying it from a reliable company. There two popular companies in Singapore with similar name- Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which offer air conditioners with the three diamond logo of Mitsubishi. In such condition it becomes confusing to an air conditioner in Singapore without knowing difference between these two companies. Brief information in this respect is provided here under to help you in buying the best aircon in this tropical country.

Difference between Mitsubishi heavy industry and Mitsubishi electric air conditioner

Both of these companies are operating under the official logo of three diamonds of Mitsubishi but still they are rivals to each other. In fact Mitsubishi group of Industries allows independently operated Japanese companies to share the brand name of Mitsubishi as loose entity. These companies share the legal status, brand name and trademark of Mitsubishi even if they enjoy autonomous status. In this way Mitsubishi allows smaller and subsidiary companies to manage their business like a big business.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the largest ship and machinery building company of Japan along with a number of other industrial items. The operation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or MHI under the banner of Mitsubishi continues in 11 important sectors through about its 150 subsidiaries. It deals in making Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, Shipbuilding, General Machinery and Components, Nuclear Energy Systems, Steel Structures and Construction, Paper and Printing Machinery, Machine Tools, Machinery and Plants, Aerospace Systems, Industrial Machinery and Power Systems. It also produces everything from oil tankers to cruise ships, newsprint machines, construction machinery, airplanes, turbines, gear cutting machines and gasoline engines.

On the other hand Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Company deals only in making air conditioners and refrigeration systems. Though the quality of the products of both of these companies is the best in the market but still Mitsubishi Heavy Industry is considered better in Singapore while purchasing an aircon.

While choosing the best service provider company for purchasing and servicing your aircon in Singapore, along with comparing between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Company, you should also focus on the tips provided in this write-up.

Choosing the best aircon company in Singapore

Provision of follow up services: The aircon company you choose in Singapore for purchasing air conditioner at your home of office must be able to provide follow up services like installation, repair and replacement services every time. It must honour and maintain relationship with its customers. It must enter into contract with its customers to bind it for taking responsibility of the services provided by it. In this way you will get a company which knows the kind of services provided by it with full responsibility without compromising with its quality. Moreover only a reputed aircon service provider can provide the best follow up services at reasonable cost without taking advantage of its popularity.

Insured company: The aircon company you choose in Singapore to buy an air conditioner should be insured as per the rules of Singapore government. The rule of insurance is designed to protect the citizens if any wrong thing happens while installing or repairing air conditioner. Thus deal with an insured company will provide you peace of mind.

Licensed and certified to provide services: The aircon company you choose for buying and servicing your air conditioning and refrigeration system should have necessary documents showing its validity and qualification to provide services. It must be certified and licensed by the competent Singaporean authorities to provide standard installation, repair and replacement services to its customers in Singapore. Instead of relying on advertisements you should verify these documents yourself before buying their services by interviewing them personally to ensure about reliability and quality of their services.

Provision of referrals: The company you choose in Singapore should be willing to provide you referrals so that you can rely on the quality of their services after checking it with their previous customers. Such company can be more reliable as compared to those which only talk in this regard.

Response time: It is also important to know about the response time of the aircon company you have contracted with in Singapore for repairing and servicing your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Any delay in this regard can increase your cost as well as affect the safety and production of your machine. The company you have selected must be available 24/7 to respond you as soon as possible when required as your machine can stop working anytime without any prior information.

Reputation of the company: you must also know the views f other people about the aircon company you have selected in Singapore to install and service air conditioning and refrigeration system at your home or office. Some of the service providers are not reliable even if they provide better services than others due to various reasons. So you should hire one whose previous clients give positive feedback for it. Only a reputed company can give safe and guaranteed services to your satisfaction.

Equipped with essential and upgraded tools: You must ensure that the technicians entering your premises to service your aircon are equipped with proper and latest tools required for this purpose. If they are well dressed and equipped with necessary tools then it shows that they are ready to provide services as per your requirements. You can also check the documents of the service providing technician to ensure their genuineness as any fake person can harmful for you and your system if you allow them to enter without checking their identity.

Thus you can find a reliable aircon service provider in Singapore if it fits to the standards set by you. Though there is no hard and fast rule in this regard but still you can choose a good and reliable company by spending some time for searching around agencies available in Singapore. Along with comparing their prices and competency you should also check their credentials to be sure about the quality of their services.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Reasons You Should NOT TURN ON AirCon Immediately When You Enter Your Car

A recent email message of FaceBook post has claimed about the dangerous effects of turning on aircon immediately after entering into the car as its internal plastic surfaces emit certain cancer causing chemicals like Benzene. The message has further recommended to open the windows of the car first before turning on its air conditioner to remove harmful elements in its environment.

According to this message several researches have proved that the sofa, air freshener and dash board of the car emit a carcinogen Benzene, when it is parked in sunlight. When these plastic surfaces get heated they emit a peculiar smell because they emit a toxin that can cause not only cancer but also reduces white blood cells and cause anaemia. This toxin can also cause leukemia as well as miscarriage along with increasing the risk of cancer if exposed to it for long time.

Many researchers have accepted that Benzene can be harmful when its level increases from its acceptable limit of 50mg per sq ft. But the level of benzene can increase up to 400-800 mg per sq ft even if the car is parked indoors. If it is parked outdoors in sunlight at the temperature of 60 degree F then the level of Benzene can range between 2000 and 4000 mg per sq ft which is many times higher than its acceptable limit. These toxins are undoubtedly inhaled excessively by the people entering into the car which can be harmful for their health if the car aircon is turned on immediately after entering into it.

On the basis of the evidences collected from lab studies on animals and personal studies on humans it has been proved that Benzene is a cancer causing toxin. The link between cancer and Benzene can cause various types of cancers including blood cell cancer and leukemia etc. The studies on the people working in benzene exposed environment, like working in oil refineries and shoemaking industry, have shown acute increase in the rate of leukemia known as myeloid leukemia. Though some studies have also proved the existence of acute lymphocytic leukemia or ALL in children as well as chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL and other blood related cancers like non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma in adults living in benzene affected areas but their evidences ar not so strong to be relied upon.

So for this reason the message has suggested to open the windows of the car immediately after entering into it instead of turning on its aircon. If the toxic Benzene is not allowed to go out of the car then it can affect the functioning of your liver and kidney which will make the elimination of toxins from your body difficult.

But this warning about the dangerous effects of Benzene is misunderstood by some people. They thought that Benzene is produced by the aircon when it is turned on immediately after entering into the car. In fact if you do not open the car windows after entering into it, it will not allow the inside air containing Benzene caused by the emissions from the plastic surfaces in it to go out of it. so they have suggested to roll down the car windows after getting into it so that you can turn on its aircon after the elimination of Benzene containing air from it.

The warning given by the message is about the harmful effects of benzene emitted by the heated plastic interiors of your car claims instead of its aircon. Actually this message warns you about the ill effects of the toxic chemical benzene which can cause a number of ill effects to your health like cancer and anaemia as well as leukemia. The products made by using benzene as solvent like synthetic fibres, glues and plastic etc. emit Benzene as a bi-product. The interior of most cars is made from synthetic fabrics, plastics and glues which contain benzene in one form or the other. Benzene is also used in manufacturing some of the air fresheners used in the cars to freshen up its internal air. Several researchers have proved that in hot weather the interiors of the car emit traces of benzene which can be harmful for its inhabitants if not removed immediately after entering in to it before turning on its aircon. But before taking a precautionary step you should know that how much benzene emitted by the interior of your car can be dangerous for you.

In order to know the harmful level of benzene for humans several scientists tested the emissions of volatile elements in the indoors of the cars, new and old, parked in hot sunlight. Their studies showed that both types of cars respectively emitted total amount of volatile elements up to 10.9 mg/m3 and 1.2 mg/m3 when exposed to light of 14000 W. Main elements found in the air of new car were C3 and C4-alkylbenzenes, m, o, p-xylenes, tridecane, methylpyrrolidinone and dodecane. On the other hand, the elements found in the air of old car include methylpyrrolidinone, acetone, acetaldehyde, methylcyclohexane, o,m,p-xylenes, toluene and ethylhexanol. The results of these studies failed to find any toxicity in the interior air of the cars parked in hot sun including benzene that can be harmful for human health. According to these scientists the use of aircon of your car has nothing to do with the effect of benzene on your health.

The observations of several other studies have also found that:
The exposure to various harmful elements including benzene is observed while travelling in an automobile but that may not be necessarily from the emissions of internal components of the car but due to the fuel used in it.

The level of benzene in old cars is higher than new cars whereas internal component of new car emit more smell than old one.

The level of exposure to benzene significantly increases during winter which proves that the use of aircon immediately after entering into the car has nothing to do with the exposure to benzene.

So, while turning on your aircon immediately after entering into the car in Singapore, you should consider all the points discussed in this write-up.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Why Hire Us to Install Panasonic Aircon in Singapore

Panasonic air conditioner is very well-known among many people who live in Singapore these days. This device can provide many benefits for all customers. When you want to install this unit, you may want to hire the best aircon installation service company that is available in Singapore these days. It is the best time for you to contact our company, in order to install the best air conditioner for yourself now. We are happy to provide some useful benefits for all customers. Because of these benefits, many people are interested in using our professional service now. Here are some advantages that we want to offer for our customers now.

1. Several Panasonic air conditioner units

We always update our stocks with the latest Panasonic products. When you contact our company, you can choose one of the most popular Panasonic air conditioners that are available on the market now. We want to provide complete list of any popular products from this company. These complete products are very useful to help you get the best air conditioner that is suitable for your own needs now. Before you decide to select the best unit that has many good features for supporting your own needs now.

2. Guaranteed products

This is another good benefit that is offered by our company. All products from our company are protected by the official warranty from Panasonic. When you have any issues with any products from our store, you can simply contact our company at anytime you want. We are ready to help you find any replacement parts of your air conditioner without any problems. This warranty is usually valid for about 2 - 5 years. You are protected by this warranty program during this warranty period. Therefore, you don't have to worry about getting any low quality products from our professional aircon company now.

3. Quick installation procedure

We understand that most of our customers are busy with their daily life. It is recommended for you to contact our company when you want to install the best Panasonic air conditioner for your room completely. We want to offer quick installation procedure for all customers these days. It means that you don't need to spend a lot of your time for getting all benefits from your favorite Panasonic air conditioner. In most cases, our aircon installation service usually takes about a few hours. We will ensure that your air conditioner can be installed in your property completely without spending too much of your time.

4. Trained experts

We have some professional aircon installers who know how to install the best air conditioner for yourself. Our professional experts have a lot of skills and knowledge, in order to provide the best experience for all customers. This is another good reason why you have to choose our company now. We also train our experts, in order to provide the best knowledge to them. Therefore, you should be able to rely on the overall quality of our experts. They know how to install the best Panasonic air conditioners in your property now.

5. Affordable service

When you use our professional service, you don't need to spend a lot of your money for installing high quality air conditioner in your home or office now. We want to provide high quality service at very affordable price. We always recommend our customers to contact our company when they want to install the best Panasonic air conditioner for themselves. We are willing to provide free quotation for all customers now. This quote may include all details about our professional aircon installation service package, including labor fee, aircon costs, and any other costs from our professional aircon installation procedure.

6. Good reputation

This is another good benefit that we want to offer for our customers who want to install Panasoni aircon in their properties. You will never have to worry about our reputation. We have good reviews and testimonials from other customers. This good reputation is very useful to help you get the best aircon installation service from our company. This good reputation can show the overall quality from our aircon installation service now. Many customers feel happy with the overall results from our service. They are happy with the installation procedure that we always provide for all customers who live in Singapore these days.

7. Flexible schedule

We are happy to announce our flexible service for all customers. You can select the best schedule that is suitable for your own needs. We understand that most customers have busy schedule in their daily life. We are happy to announce our 24 hours installation service. You can simply contact our customer service, especially when you want to book your appointment with our professional service now. We will ensure that all customers can get the best schedule for supporting their own needs. You can choose the best schedule that is suitable for your daily needs now.

8. We provide insured service for all customers

This is another benefit that we want to provide for all customers. Our company and workers are fully insured by our professional insurance plan. It means that you don't need to worry about any damages or accidents that may occur during the installation process. Our insured service can also ensure the overall quality of our professional aircon installation procedure. When you use our installation service for installing your Daikin aircon unit, you are able to install the best unit without causing any damages on your property. This insured service is suitable for you who want to install the best air conditioner in your home easily.

There are many other benefits that we want to offer for all customers. When you want to install high quality Panasonic air conditioners for your properties, you can contact our company now. We are ready to help you find some popular products and devices that are available on the market now. You can compare all available Panasonic airconditioners easily by contacting our company now. We will ensure that all customers are happy with the overall quality from our professional air conditioner installation service company that is available in Singapore nowadays.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How To Do Spring Cleaning For Aircon?

Cleaning your air conditioning unit regularly is absolutely essential, because it allows you to have a properly running unit that uses less energy. This, in turn, allows you to feel more comfortable all the year round while saving you a lot of costs. The most appropriate time for cleaning an aircon is the spring.

Once you see the spring flowers beginning to bud, you should expect the baseball season that follows your dependence on the air conditioner. Regular maintenance of your unit during the spring increases your odds for a relaxed, comfortable summer.

There are numerous steps you may utilize when it comes to spring cleaning your air conditioner, consequently allowing you to have a smooth and effective running of the unit. Fortunately, all the steps we’re hereby going to list are easy to follow and won’t take a lot of your time. Stay tuned and prepare to learn:

Preliminary Checks
It’s imperative to perform a comprehensive check of your exterior aircon unit. Most of them boast two units, and you’ve to give both sections a thorough cleanup. Make sure you clean them with attention to detail.

Similarly, some owners often cover their outdoor units amid the months of winter for additional protection. If you’re one of them, detach this cover prior to sweeping away any debris that might have accumulated over time. Inspect the entire unit for apparent signs of damage. Pay special attention to the unit’s wires and tubes for possible breaks or deterioration.

Disconnect power to your air conditioner
A number of air conditioners boast a shutoff box on their external portion, just in a close proximity to the unit itself. It’d be wise for you to pull out your unit’s shutoff box, along with its fuse for a thorough cleaning. For air conditioners with no shutoff box, you’ll need to find the circuit breaker panel controlling your unit and turn the power off.

Clean and Lubricate the Fan Assembly
Make sure to clean dirt off the blades using a whisk room or rag, prior to incorporating the use of a shop vacuum in cleaning the dirt off the shaft and fan motor. If your motor is designed for lubrication, make sure you apply a little amount of oil to each one of your unit’s lubrication ports.

Shut off the condenser and clean the fins
Shut off the power to the air conditioner condenser unit. It’s usually located on the external portion of the unit. If you’re not sure where the switch is situated, consider checking the manual to the unit for verification.

Typically, the fins on the condenser look somewhat identical to blades. The fins often pull dirt and debris as they draw air through them. The debris may accumulate to a certain level, hence reducing the normal flow of air to the unit. This, in turn, reduces the capability of your air conditioning unit to cool the entire home.

Sometimes you may need to utilize a vacuum so as to get rid of dirt and debris. Be sure to use a rather soft brush attachment, though. Remember, fins on the condenser can be bent with absolute ease.

Check your unit’s manual on the requisite procedure for detaching the cover. Experts suggest that you should utilize a screwdriver to remove the screws, but make sure you put them on a safe, secure place while at work. If you realize the fins have a major damage to them, contact a professional expert to help you replace or repair them.

Shut off the indoor unit and clean the evaporator
On the unit’s main electrical panel, switch off the power to the furnace. Go through the manual for more assistance on the best way to extract the cover to the blower. Remove the filter from furnace and verify whether there’s dirt and debris inside.

Replace all clogged filters and clean up the evaporator to evacuate dirt and debris. Inspect all the coil fins, just in case there’s damage. Make sure to comb straight all bent coil fins.

Do not use any comb, though. Consider using a special fin com that’s designed exclusively for the task. If you don’t have one, it’s available at your nearest aircon supply store. Go grab one to accomplish a decent work that will last for an extensive period of time, probably throughout the summer.

Carefully check the indoor operating unit of your aircon unit
While the indoor unit of any central air conditioner doesn’t ordinarily accumulate grass clippings, leaves and debris (as is the case in the outdoor unit), it’s still important to clean and maintain it. Check the evaporator coil and projections alongside an assembly of tubes, and vacuum off the dust that may have accumulated during the winter.

Spray-clean away trapped dirt from aircon coils
A pan that traps moisture condensation from the aircon coils is often mounted beneath the evaporator coil. The supposed pan encompasses a tube that drains the water into a sink or floor drain. It’s imperative to check and verify the pan for any signs of corrosion, which could result in leaks. Ensure that the tube isn’t clogged.

To successfully accomplish this job, pour some water into the pan and ensure that the water drains appropriately. Keep in mind that a cleaner should be sprayed from the outside. Allow it to soak for at least 15 minutes.

You may need to re-apply the cleaner, prior to giving it a second application soak that lasts another five minutes. Cover all the motors and electrical wires with plastic before spraying your air conditioning unit.

After you’ve checked this, consider cleaning your AC filter thoroughly and with attention to detail. Disposable filters ought to be replaced. Refer to the manual for more instructions concerning the filters, in addition to the proper tips to clean and maintain them.

Reassemble and restart the indoor unit
After checking through the whole system and replacing the cover to your evaporator, restart the unit. Make sure you’ve cleaned and inspected both units before testing your aircon system. Make sure you’ve properly flipped the breaker as well. If everything is fine, set the thermostat to a cool setting.

The outdoor unit should be able to run smoothly and effectively. It should maintain a cool air flow into your home. If you realize that your aircon unit is running smoothly as is required, you’re absolutely prepared to enjoy utmost comfort in your home all through the summer.

Smooth and effective running for the season
This simple spring cleaning, aircon maintenance is crucial. It helps in minimizing problems with your air conditioning unit, ensuring better efficiency throughout the season.

For units that require more extensive servicing to function smoothly and efficiently, call your aircon professional to rectify those issues. It will reduce those headaches you’re probably having when the air conditioning system isn’t functioning its best. Most air conditioning repair companies supply a warranty that ensures you’re protected against unexpected high repair and maintenance costs.