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Thursday, 30 March 2017

About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning involves eliminating hotness from a narrowed surrounding, thus cooling the environment with a fresh air. Air conditioning is usually denoted as AC in short form. Air conditioning can function in different places to cool the surrounding. This can be for commercial purpose or for domestic purpose. In some countries where they experience a lot of heat throughout the season, they regularly use the Air conditioning system in their offices at work, or at home, or even shops and supermarkets. They fit this Air conditioning system to attain a conducive and comfortable environment for both animals and human beings.

Usage of air conditioners

- Air conditioners can be used in rooms where there are a lot of electronic devices which produces more heat when they are in use, for instance computers and power amplifiers. Air conditioning system can be installed in such rooms to regulate the heat produced by these machines. Air conditioners uses fans which rotate in a high speed therefore cooling the air. Air conditioners also can be in different sizes deepening on the usage.

- Some Air conditioners can work inside a vehicle, others installed in buildings and others installed inside the electronic devices. Therefore Air conditioners vary in sizes according to their location of installation. In some vehicles, Air conditioners have been installed there to improve the thermal comfort and the indoor quality of air.
In general definition of Air conditioning, it involves any practice of cooling the air to improve its temperature in the surroundings.

This can speak of any system of machinery which can improve the air quality. It can be any electrical or mechanical device which can perform air conditioning in a perfect way, and thus these devices will be referred to as the air conditioners. During the ancient periods, snowflake and frost were the mechanical substances for cooling the surroundings in case of excessive heat. This took place around the 17th century, when people used to do businesses of collecting frost throughout the winter and storing them until summer times. This was the process of Air conditioning in those times before technology replaced this form of Air conditioning. And so with time, technology grew and some air conditioners were developed. Some people in different countries used the natural air conditioning system before inventing the electrical


Historical view of air conditioners

- Modern Air conditioners were developed from the ancient Air conditioners which were used mechanically, with no electricity. These mechanical Air conditioners were used in the 19th century.

- Modern Air conditioners emerged from those types of ancient makes, and until now the Air conditioners are developed with a high technology.

- The ancient Air conditioners were very large in size as compared to the current Air conditioners which are small in sizes depending on the location used. For instance inside the vehicles, the Air conditioners used there are very small in sizes and are portable. So we can see that with the advancement in technology, Air conditioners have been modified which can be moved from one place to another and are not costly, as compared to the ancient Air conditioners which were so large in size and were not portable because of the size. They were fitted in a specific places where they were permanently built there.

- The first modern Air conditioner was invented in the year 1902, which used electricity to operate. This device not only controlled the hotness of the surrounding, but also humidity. This was a great invent of those times and it served a lot in big companies and shops in some countries in the world. After this invent, many other Air conditioners were developed which could bring comfort in the working places. Until now, some people have been coming up with different Air conditioners in different electrical companies in the world. Air conditioners are the most necessary electrical devices in the electrical company, because some operating machines could burst into flames because of excessive heat. So with these Air conditioners, they help a lot in regulating the heat in the machine operation centers.

Modern Air conditioners are not designed to induce air into the room from outside, but are designed to regulate and recirculate the air which is found in the room. This is how the modern Air conditioners work. On the other hand, there are some Air conditioners which produces heat instead of cooling the surrounding temperature. These type of Air conditioners are referred to as the reverse cycle Air conditioners.

These Air conditioners functions in places where the heat is too low and it is too cold for animals and human beings. Therefore, Air conditioners are not only for cooling purpose, but also for heating purpose, as they regulate the air in the environment by either heating it or cooling it. The heating Air conditioners are not appropriate in the electrical and machinery companies and industries because we understand that machines produces a lot of heat and they need to be cooled down by cooling the ambient temperature. Air conditioners for heating can only function in the open rooms which have a lot of cold.

These type of Air conditioners can only be installed there to generate heat. Examples of locations which are suitable for the installation of these type of Air conditioners are the ice lands, because these locations contain a lot of ice and therefore the environment is too cold for both human beings and animals. So the heating Air conditioners can be installed there to generate heat for the comfort of human beings.

Conclusion of air conditioners

All in all, these two kinds of Air conditioners are used to regulate both heat and cold in the environment. These devices are termed as Air conditioners because they function purposely with only air in rooms. Air conditioners are found in almost every room in big buildings for commercial use. Most business centers have got these Air conditioners installed there to bring comfort to customers. A customer will only be satisfied in the comfortable environment with no excessive heat or cold. Therefore, these Air conditioners are installed there for comfort purpose.