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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

7 Reasons Why Water Is Dripping Out From Your AirCon

With rising heat, air conditioners or as they are popularly called, “air cons” have become a common sign in every home, especially Singapore. There is hardly a better respite than coming back to your home from a long day’s work in the scorching heat and your soul coming to peace with the cool and pleasant temperature of your room.
While air Cons can seem like a miracle remedy for all summer related problems, they are not without their own set of problems. Besides being expensive to repair, a common problem with most air conditioners is that they often start leaking, especially during the summer months.
Are you too facing a similar issue with your beloved air conditioner? Here are 7 Reasons Why there might be water drip from AirCon:

1.  A Victim of Faulty Installation

It is not uncommon knowledge that for an appliance to work efficiently, it must be installed properly by a professional. If the case is not so, water might leak from it. The cooling unit of the air conditioner must be at least one inch higher than the rear end of the appliance. You might have a situation of aircon leak on your hand if the difference is less than one inch. So, you need to be careful about this point at the time of installation of your air conditioner unit.

2.  Jammed Drainage

On the off chance that water vapor has built up inside the air vent, you may have a jammed drainage pipe situation staring you in the face. Investigate the condenser unit (the open air segment of your AC) and check whether the dribble container is flooding or full. Assuming this is the case, you are likely having a clogged up condensate drainage line. Another sign (and a conceivably hazardous one) of a blocked condensate deplete is rust on the heater. Call the service company promptly if this seems to be the case.

3.  Depleting refrigerant in the Air Con

The cumulative pressure inside the cooling unit is expected to be lower when the refrigerant levels are low. This might cause the evaporator coil to solidify. The water will flood into the trickle plate when the loop liquefies. Along these lines, trickling water from the air conditioner may reveal that the refrigerant level is low.

4.  Absence of Insulation

To prevent air conditioners from leaking water, the manufacturers use a form of insulation. On the off chance that there is any damage to this insulation or there is an absence of insulation altogether, you might have water dripping from the cooling unit. This happens when the condensation collects from the pipeline and dribble onto the ceiling. In the case of no insulation in the ceiling, the constant dripping onto the ceiling causes damage leading to water leaks. This is, in fact, one of the most common causes for water leaks from air cons. To prevent this, make sure you buy an air conditioner which is efficiently insulated.

5.  Dirt and Grime in the Air Filter

On the off chance that the air filter is clogged up or messy, the wind stream to the evaporator loop will be blocked or confined making the temperature drop. In the event that the evaporator coil gets excessively chilly, it solidifies over and frosts up. When the AC is off, the indoor unit will quit endeavoring to draw air making the unit warm up and in this way liquefying the ice. This trickles an overabundance measure of water into the dribble plate. This is the reason it is fundamental that your channels are cleaned each month and the entire framework overhauled yearly.

6.  Chilly weather outside

When the air outside is cold, for instance, during the winter months, the amount of water that evaporates is lower than usual. This results in droplets of water accumulating in the cooling unit of the air con which eventually drips down from the AC.

7.  Damaged Sump Pump

When there is water leaking from your air con, your first task would be to see if there is any extra evaporation accumulated in the drainage pipe. In case, that doesn’t appear to be the problem, the next thing to check would be the sump pump or the condensate pump. When the water in the air con reaches up to a predetermined level mark, the floating switch that is installed in most sump pump is triggered or switched on.

You can test the pump yourself by trying your hand at this “float switch”. Dirt, grime, and limescale buildup can often time cause the float switch to get jammed. On the off chance that the switch is working, yet not reliably, you can take a stab at cleaning the basin with bleach and evacuating any dirt and grime that has built up to check whether this enhances the execution of your pump.

If you don't see a simple to distinguishable change in the working of the pump, glance around to check whether there is a link or something connected to pull it up. When you get it out of the water, you can attempt to turn it on and check whether it's working – however, don't give it a chance to run dry for a long period of time. However, if it is still not turning on, you'll most likely need another pump. You can endeavor to purchase a match and swap the pump yourself, or you can avail the service of a professional.

Summing Up

Air conditioners can be an expensive expenditure. So, it is always advisable to make it count. Don’t go for the cheaper alternative just because it is on the discount. The recurring repairing cost might well exceed the initial cost of the appliance. Similarly, if you have an aircon that has suddenly stopped working, call for the help of a professional service provider who knows exactly what he is doing rather than trying to repair it yourself.

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner, at least one every year can reduce the occurrence of many of the issues mentioned above and keep your beloved air con in prim and proper condition.

Friday, 1 June 2018

The Ultimate Deal On Aircon Servicing tips

Air conditioner servicing is crucial for your own home. Having a best quality air conditioner service will able to keep away the business owners from having irritated consumers and staff, decrease the productivity and interrupted trading hours. At the same time, the Homeowners are secured from pricey repair bills for formation damage that has been reasoned by tattered and broken components.

What are home aircon tips for The Best Air services?

• You should try to find a commercial aircon company, which will check out your premises and provide effective consultation and design for your premises. Before consulting the company, you need to check out their knowledge and experience. For this, you can also take the recommendation of your friends and colleagues in this matter.

• The aircon company which you are hiring for your premises should be able to offer you a choice between different models and brands based on the requirements of your premises. Also, you should know about detailed information about the features of these brands and models otherwise you will end up with the features you cannot or are not going to use, or you may not get the required features.

• Make sure that the best aircon company which you are hiring will be able to work with other suppliers who are working with you.

• The aircon company which has chosen after many considerations are knowledgeable enough to provide you with enough information about products and services. It should also be able to guide you in making the right choice.

• When you are doing the installation of the best aircon, make sure that the installation does not contravene any rules and regulations. For that, make sure that the commercial aircon company which is working for you is very much aware of the accepted legal standards and the best practice for ac design and installation.

• Make sure that the aircon company which is doing the installation is also aware of any applicable noise legislation which applies to your area. Otherwise, you will choose the best aircon model and brand and find that the noise generated by the chosen aircon is more than which is specified by the noise legislation.

With the increasing demand for the air conditioners to cool the premises in hot summers, many local, regional, national and international companies have launched different commercial aircon models in the market. When an average customer decides to purchase the commercial aircon, he is confused about the best model and brand for his premises. At such times, the customers should consult the best aircon company and list the features which are required for his premises. Then, he should consider the aircon with a trusted brand such as Panasonic for his premises.

The following paragraphs explain air condition services provided by an HVAC Company.

Cleaning and servicing a furnace
Receiving your furnace completely cleaned and serviced daily may reduce possible heating problems during the winter month. The air filters of a furnace have to be always cleaned; it is very important so that dust and dirt do not get trapped in the filters of your system so that it can block the air flow. If the air flow of your system gets obstructed, the furnace cannot work properly, which outcome in retreating efficiency and productivity as well as rising utility bills.

Cleaning and maintaining the Air conditioner
An Air Conditioner that cannot cool, well, however, runs, it can create a coil leak problem. HVAC technician can properly check for that type of leaks and recharge the unit by continuously cycling it so that it doesn't increase the effectiveness costs. If it is vital to replace an air conditioner system that cannot perform properly, the expert would recommend getting a new system with a high SEER rating that would not only maintain the atmosphere at an appropriate temperature but would also decrease your utility costs.

Installing a programmable thermostat
Turning the HVAC unit down if you are away could protect you a lot regarding service bills. This is the area where a programmable thermostat comes in usable and handy. Such effective devices can be installed by the HVAC service provider so that you can set your HVAC as well as the air-conditioning system to turn the cooling or heating capability down if you may leave your house or office and after that, you have to switch them on when you are about to return.

Upgrading outdated equipment
When you desire to improve your non-functioning HVAC system, the specialist can determine the accurate equipment for your home or office. To reduce the costs of your service bills, you have to opt for apparatus with high efficiency.

With the rising heat, the air conditioners of every type have become very popular with the people who require cooling in their houses and offices. Usually, people use a different kind of systems such as coolers to make the home cool. The demand of the air conditioner is also increasing very fast. But, most of the people don't know how to purchase the best commercial air conditioner for their home. Due to this, they end up with an air conditioner and expensive electricity bills.

Hire Aircon services

If you are thinking that this option will cost a lot more money, put those fears to rest. Many local air con services will provide affordable seasonal system check-ups. They may even give some discount if you schedule appointments for all of your properties with them year after year.

Save time by hiring local air con services.
If you are thinking that this option will cost a lot more money, put those fears to rest. Many local air con services will provide affordable seasonal system check-ups. They may even give some discount if you schedule appointments for all of your properties with them year after year.

Air conditioner services are perhaps one of the most important services that you require to have if you desire to be more comfortable when you are staying inside it. Yes, it is fact that obtaining service will help you achieve better results. However, you require being confident that you are going to work with this individual that can merge the quality and inexpensive service.

It is always better to hire skilled HVAC technician to service your HVAC system that can enhance the capability of your air condition services if you take help from any credentialed expert. By hiring professionals, you will get excellent service at a cost-effective rate.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why your Air conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

When living in a subtropical climate like in Singapore, owning an air conditioner is a must. An aircon does not only help to cool your apartment, but also eliminates any unwanted humidity from the house.

The only disadvantage of owning an air-con is that you need to service it regularly. However, servicing your unit will ensure it is working properly. Instead of putting up with hot weather or sweating too much because your AC is spoiled, always opt for frequent maintenance. Aircons are known to develop mechanical and functional problems over time. And one of the major problems is the system blowing warm-air.

Why your air-conditioner is blowing warm-air

If your unit is blowing warm-air, do not be so worried. This is a mutual issue that has numerous causes and solutions. When an aircon starts to blow warm-air, it is so frustrating, especially during the hot climate. During the warm climates in Singapore, homes, and offices can become very hot. And when the air condition warm-air add to the problem, you may not be able to live or stay in such a room.

It is essential to keep a check and service your air conditioner. Regular care makes sure you can identify the problems early, and the issue can be fixed on time. Happily, there are many maintenance tasks you can perform by yourself. But it is important to engage a professional for larger issues and frequent checks. Below are five reasons why your air conditioner might be blowing warm-air.

1. Improper thermostat settings – one of the main cause of an AC unit blowing hot-air is when the thermostat is on the wrong-setting. Before you fix any problem, check the thermostat. The thermostat mode should be set correctly and the temperature should be right. This is one of the reasons why your AC could be blowing that hot air.

2. Refrigerant leak –
a refrigerant lean might be the reason the AC-unit is blowing hot-air. There are several reasons why a leak can occur. It may be as a result of normal wear & tear or by turning the system off for a long period than operating it on a very high-setting. Fixing a leak is not a simple task. You will be required to involve a professional to fix the problem for you. There are many experienced technicians in Singapore who can solve the issue very fast.

3. Clogged air filter – your hot-air may be as a result of a congested air filter. Therefore, it is essential to perform regular maintenance on your system to make sure that grime and dirt do not build-up on the system parts. Having a clogged air-filter is very risky. Apart from causing the warm-air, it can cause numerous problems that can damage your system. Luckily, it is not expensive to clean aircon filters, hence, do not neglect the task. It is also cheaper to replace the air filters. But always turn off your system before you start cleaning or changing the filters.

4. A damaged condenser or compressor – The compressor & condenser might be the reason of the warm-air. Both units are found outside the system. You need to confirm that the power outside is ON because if it is off, the air will be hot. You should also check if there is something restricting the air-flow. Check whether the condenser coils are blocked by dirt or debris. This can upset the cooling. It is also wise to clean the condenser regularly during the hot months to avoid the problem.

5. Faulty wiring – the issue with your AC might be damaged wiring. Electrical faults are not easy to identify. It is therefore essential to engage an experienced technician who has skills and tools to identify the problems and fix them. The problem might involve replacing certain parts, rewiring or repairing the system. Do not try to repair any electric fault by yourself. A qualified electrician knows how to fix the electrical issue faster and safely.

Benefits of service your aircon regularly

If you have an AC system, then you know its benefits. However, many people, especially here in Singapore do not give their systems the attention it deserves. This leads to numerous problems such as blowing hot-air. Hence, it is vital to service the system regularly as it will improve the unit efficiency. Below are some of the main benefits of servicing your air conditioner regularly.

• A well-serviced aircon will keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the hotter months.

• Regular service of the system reduces cooling costs. When the AC operates properly, it needs little energy. This means you can end-up saving some money in the long run.

• Apart from reducing the energy costs, regular servicing enhances the longevity of the system. This means you do not have to replace the unit from time to time. It also reduces repair and maintenance costs.

• Frequent servicing provides you with additional benefits. It prevents several risky situations. For example, it helps to reduce the amount of disease-causing micro-organisms in your house. This means a good working system makes your house or business a better place to live

• The main aim of having an AC is to work or live in a good environment. And having it maintained properly, you will avoid numerous issues such as stacking objects among other risks. It will also ensure you have a reliable working unit.

• Servicing will prevent water leakage. When your system is filled with fungus and dirt, it will not function properly. This will cause several issues that include water leakage. The makes the unit to work extra-hard. Regular servicing ensures you are able to correct the problem on time.

• By engaging experts to service your unit, you will benefit from valuable advice from experts. Here, you learn the necessary steps that you need to follow to take good care of the system.

If your aircon has any problem, especially blowing the warm-air, contact AC repair & maintenance professionals as soon as possible. However, it is important to look for professionals who are trained and fully qualified.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips On Maintaning Aircon In Your Home

Air Conditioning Repair is one of the quite frequent and necessary things in order to maintain an ambient temperature at the commercial or residential place. People of the state are very much familiar about the soaring temperature in the summer and dipping mercury level in the winter. These fluctuations in the temperature make very tough for the people and make this unit mandatory item rather than optional one. Almost each and every residential and commercial place installs this air conditioning unit for the purpose of relishing an ambiance temperature with this unit. However, being a machine it needs to be maintained at the frequent intervals so that it runs at top efficiency when you badly want it. Some of the commonly faced problems by air con units are as follows; gas leakage, thermostat calibration, cooling issues, compressor dysfunction.

In general, it has been seen that there are several people who skip the AC maintenance because they take their unit for granted which makes them pay the huge amount on the repair and faces troubles when it breaks down. Thus, it became obligatory for the unit's owners to perform regular and periodic maintenance in order to reduce the frequent breakdown. Here are some useful and effective tips that will certainly help you in maintaining your system fit and fine.

Air filter maintenance: The first and foremost tips to keep your system effective are the maintenance of air filter. This is one of the most imperative things which should be inspected every month or in every alternative month which will ensure you in reducing the premature breakdown. Most of the common air conditioning problems are generally arises due to the dirty filter. This clogged filter makes the air conditioning unit hard in order to provide cooling. It is highly advisable that depending upon the condition of filter it should be cleaned and replaced regularly. While cleaning the air filter makes sure you also clean the ducts and vents so that there should be no blockage in that air conditioning part.

Compressor maintenance:
Compressor is considered as the one of the most important things which needs regular maintenance. It should be cleaned regularly and prominently so that it keeps way from the dust and dirt. The compressor is also called as the outside unit and usually, this part gets damaged by the external climatic factors such as rain, dust, and leaves. While performing the regular maintenance make sure that filling of gas should be done precisely for the purpose of better circulation of cool and fresh air.

Installation problem:
Most of the common air conditioning issues are arises due to improper installation of this unit. If it is not installed properly there is always a chance of leakage in the system which can ruin the comfortably and relaxation that you are wishing for the installation of this unit. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one should always read the owner's manual before installing this unit.

Generally, there are lots of people who starts fixing the problems on their own making the condition bad from the worse. Therefore, in order to solve any critical issues ofAC, go for aircon service singapore. Aircon Service Singapore provides aircon repair and servicing for major brands. It is a good practice to service your air conditioners on at regular intervals because indirectly it saves up the extra bulk of money unnecessarily spent on replacements, for when it is warm, humid or too dry outside, you will want to keep your surroundings cool and pleasant, whether at your workplace or home.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner

Some major problems in air conditioning arise from the negligence of simple maintenance tasks. Owners can avoid serious damages to their air conditioner unit by following some simple steps like:
* Cleaning and replacing the filter when required
* Preventing blockage by flushing clogs
* Keeping the area around the outside unit clean and clear of growth
* Keeping the unit dirt-free
* Preventing cluttering of the outer unit.

Significance of Yearly Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

At the point when aeration and cooling systems are disregarded and not routinely adjusted, they clearly separate, causing inconvenience in huge foundations and in addition homes. Aeration and cooling systems accompany a guarantee period which permits free routine checkups and cleaning arrangements for a particular period. When this period is finished, it is legitimate to handover the support to a solid and equipped aeration and cooling system repair benefit for yearly tune-ups.

A quality tune-up will incorporate the accompanying: 

- Measurement of wind current
- the condenser-Measuring indoor and open air conditions
- Adjusting refrigerant charge
- Checking Freon levels
- Testing capacitor execution
- Inspection of all curls, wires, and pipes for rust or wear and tear.
After an entire tune-up, the aeration and cooling system is revived and works better than anyone might have expected, sparing vitality and other significant repair costs.

Advantages of keeping up aircon utilizing Reputed Repair Service

It isn't prudent to settle an aeration and cooling system without the essential preparing as the mix of power and Freon can be unsafe. In this manner, it is vital to enlist prepared experts to check for breakdowns and play out the important repairs securely. An expert aeration and cooling system repair professional brings the accompanying aptitudes:

- Preventative support
- Working with framework parts and instruments
- Ensuring great administration and tune-up of unit
- Diagnosing and settling issues
- Replacement of parts
- Adjustment of unit controls
- Improvement of the aeration and cooling system's general execution
- Onsite assessment and proposal for updating for AC.

In spite of the fact that there are introductory costs engaged with employing dependable AC repair benefits, the long haul benefits are justified, despite all the trouble. It implies huge funds on vitality bills, and possibly sparing you the cost of supplanting the whole unit.

Air con servicing and maintenance have the following benefits;- prolongs the total life span of the air con-savings on the total maintenance cost-clear the water leak problem-Improve efficiency and most of all provide cleaner- healthier air and cause less damage to the surroundingsIt is surely worth the amount of money to service your air conditioner on a regular basis, especially if you cannot stand/bear the humid weather in the city of Singapore. If it were to be maintained regularly, your air conditioning unit can live longer and not just that, but also work like a brand new system altogether.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pros And Cons On Aircion Servicing

To ensure your office or home space is comfortable to live in especially in Singapore which experiences a hot and humid weather, you need to have your air conditioner functioning at its optimal level. The working of your air conditioner depends on how frequently it is serviced.
You cannot afford to downplay the importance of of having an aircon that is working properly in Singapore. Apart from making the temperature bearable and comfortable to live in, it also improves the quality of air you inhale by removing any dust that may be in the air.

As you embark on servicing your air conditioner, it is important to assess whether you can do the servicing yourself or you need a professional to do it on your behalf. There are simple procedures that you can do yourself making hiring of a professional time-wasting and unnecessary. Such include cleaning the filters or removing debris and dust that may have landed on the external areas of the air conditioner. However, there are those repairs, such measuring and increasing energy efficiency of the thermostat that may have to be left to a professional to do.

There are several pros and cons on aircon servicing. They are explained below:


Reduce the cost of repair.
Problems associated with the air conditioners start small. If these small problems are ignored, they become bigger and with time, the system may fail completely. This may happen at a very inappropriate time when you are not prepared to bear the cost of the resultant breakdown. Regular servicing of the air conditioner may help identify any problem early when the cost of restoring the functionality of the air conditioner is still affordable to you. This is because, at this early stage,you may not have to replace any part of the air conditioner. In addition, may may only pay a very small amount of money for the labor used in the process of ensuring your air conditioner is able to work properly again. It is important not to ignore any unusual sound from the air conditioner during the regular servicing procedures.

Increases the lifespan of the air conditioner.
There is a designated lifespan for any air conditioner that you purchase. However, if it is poorly maintained, it may not last for that time period. Regularly and properly serviced air conditioner is able to serve you for a very long period of time without breaking down in the middle of a hot weather. This, cushions you from the cost of having to purchase a new air conditioner on a regular basis. The cost of servicing, especially when you are using a professional, may seem expensive. It is, however, cost-effective in the long run.

Increases the efficiency of the system.
Imagine a situation where you have an air conditioner but your house is hot like an oven or you are inhaling air that is full of dust. It may be as a result of poorly lubricated fans, improper air filter or even having improper coils. Such a condition may not be impressive to you. Servicing your air conditioner ensures you are able to make the improvements required at the right time and in the right way. You are able to protect yourself from inconveniences caused by an air conditioner that is not working as expected. You prevent allergies caused by dust in the air that may be caused by an improper air conditioner.

With a well serviced air conditioner, You are able to to have a very comfortable environment to live in. This contributes to peace of mind as well as increase in the level of productivity.

It becomes more energy-efficient.
The amount of money you spend on energy is highly dependent of the amount used by your air conditioner. With one that is not in a good condition, you may end up paying a lot of money for power. This is expensive both in the short and long run. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. With regular servicing, dirt can be removed from the filters, the refrigerant checked and the fans left working well. This contributes to a reduction in the amount o energy that is used which leads to reduced cost of operation. The money saved can be used in other important areas.

Makes the aircon easy and safe to operate.
Given that air conditioners use electricity, you can be easily electrocuted by the faulty electrical parts. Such eventualities may be very tragic. To avoid such from taking place, one should ensure the faults are noticed on tine and repaired for safety of those operating the system. This is possible if regular servicing is usually done.

Makes it easy to claim your warranty.
There may be those cases where the air conditioner may stop working unexpectedly in the middle of a very hot weather. If you were properly servicing it, it is easy to obtain compensation from where you bought it. This kind of arrangement may not be possible if you were using the air conditioner carelessly.


It may be expensive.
Air conditioner servicing, especially where a professional is hired may be very expensive to those involved. This is especially so if you are doing the servicing very frequently or you need to replace part of the air conditioner.

Risk of encountering dishonest professionals.
There may be cases where you have to deal with professionals who may not be qualified. Such people may use your ignorance to overcharge you. In some cases, they may spoil your air conditioner completely. It is therefore, important to ensure you get a reputable and reliable expert.

You may injure yourself.
Such cases may happen in circumstances where you decide to embark on the servicing yourself. You expose yourself to risks such as electrocution as a result of an electric fault, being injured by sharp parts of the system and being affected by chemicals from the system. It is important to seek the services of a professional to avoid such.

Moreover, you may also run the risk of destroying the system completely. Given how expensive acquisition and installation of a new system may be, this eventuality may not be impressive to you.


As given above scenarios, air conditioner servicing present both pros and cons. It is important to take great care so as to maximize on the benefits and minimize the cons as much as possible.