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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pros And Cons On Aircion Servicing

To ensure your office or home space is comfortable to live in especially in Singapore which experiences a hot and humid weather, you need to have your air conditioner functioning at its optimal level. The working of your air conditioner depends on how frequently it is serviced.
You cannot afford to downplay the importance of of having an aircon that is working properly in Singapore. Apart from making the temperature bearable and comfortable to live in, it also improves the quality of air you inhale by removing any dust that may be in the air.

As you embark on servicing your air conditioner, it is important to assess whether you can do the servicing yourself or you need a professional to do it on your behalf. There are simple procedures that you can do yourself making hiring of a professional time-wasting and unnecessary. Such include cleaning the filters or removing debris and dust that may have landed on the external areas of the air conditioner. However, there are those repairs, such measuring and increasing energy efficiency of the thermostat that may have to be left to a professional to do.

There are several pros and cons on aircon servicing. They are explained below:


Reduce the cost of repair.
Problems associated with the air conditioners start small. If these small problems are ignored, they become bigger and with time, the system may fail completely. This may happen at a very inappropriate time when you are not prepared to bear the cost of the resultant breakdown. Regular servicing of the air conditioner may help identify any problem early when the cost of restoring the functionality of the air conditioner is still affordable to you. This is because, at this early stage,you may not have to replace any part of the air conditioner. In addition, may may only pay a very small amount of money for the labor used in the process of ensuring your air conditioner is able to work properly again. It is important not to ignore any unusual sound from the air conditioner during the regular servicing procedures.

Increases the lifespan of the air conditioner.
There is a designated lifespan for any air conditioner that you purchase. However, if it is poorly maintained, it may not last for that time period. Regularly and properly serviced air conditioner is able to serve you for a very long period of time without breaking down in the middle of a hot weather. This, cushions you from the cost of having to purchase a new air conditioner on a regular basis. The cost of servicing, especially when you are using a professional, may seem expensive. It is, however, cost-effective in the long run.

Increases the efficiency of the system.
Imagine a situation where you have an air conditioner but your house is hot like an oven or you are inhaling air that is full of dust. It may be as a result of poorly lubricated fans, improper air filter or even having improper coils. Such a condition may not be impressive to you. Servicing your air conditioner ensures you are able to make the improvements required at the right time and in the right way. You are able to protect yourself from inconveniences caused by an air conditioner that is not working as expected. You prevent allergies caused by dust in the air that may be caused by an improper air conditioner.

With a well serviced air conditioner, You are able to to have a very comfortable environment to live in. This contributes to peace of mind as well as increase in the level of productivity.

It becomes more energy-efficient.
The amount of money you spend on energy is highly dependent of the amount used by your air conditioner. With one that is not in a good condition, you may end up paying a lot of money for power. This is expensive both in the short and long run. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. With regular servicing, dirt can be removed from the filters, the refrigerant checked and the fans left working well. This contributes to a reduction in the amount o energy that is used which leads to reduced cost of operation. The money saved can be used in other important areas.

Makes the aircon easy and safe to operate.
Given that air conditioners use electricity, you can be easily electrocuted by the faulty electrical parts. Such eventualities may be very tragic. To avoid such from taking place, one should ensure the faults are noticed on tine and repaired for safety of those operating the system. This is possible if regular servicing is usually done.

Makes it easy to claim your warranty.
There may be those cases where the air conditioner may stop working unexpectedly in the middle of a very hot weather. If you were properly servicing it, it is easy to obtain compensation from where you bought it. This kind of arrangement may not be possible if you were using the air conditioner carelessly.


It may be expensive.
Air conditioner servicing, especially where a professional is hired may be very expensive to those involved. This is especially so if you are doing the servicing very frequently or you need to replace part of the air conditioner.

Risk of encountering dishonest professionals.
There may be cases where you have to deal with professionals who may not be qualified. Such people may use your ignorance to overcharge you. In some cases, they may spoil your air conditioner completely. It is therefore, important to ensure you get a reputable and reliable expert.

You may injure yourself.
Such cases may happen in circumstances where you decide to embark on the servicing yourself. You expose yourself to risks such as electrocution as a result of an electric fault, being injured by sharp parts of the system and being affected by chemicals from the system. It is important to seek the services of a professional to avoid such.

Moreover, you may also run the risk of destroying the system completely. Given how expensive acquisition and installation of a new system may be, this eventuality may not be impressive to you.


As given above scenarios, air conditioner servicing present both pros and cons. It is important to take great care so as to maximize on the benefits and minimize the cons as much as possible.