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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why your Air conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

When living in a subtropical climate like in Singapore, owning an air conditioner is a must. An aircon does not only help to cool your apartment, but also eliminates any unwanted humidity from the house.

The only disadvantage of owning an air-con is that you need to service it regularly. However, servicing your unit will ensure it is working properly. Instead of putting up with hot weather or sweating too much because your AC is spoiled, always opt for frequent maintenance. Aircons are known to develop mechanical and functional problems over time. And one of the major problems is the system blowing warm-air.

Why your air-conditioner is blowing warm-air

If your unit is blowing warm-air, do not be so worried. This is a mutual issue that has numerous causes and solutions. When an aircon starts to blow warm-air, it is so frustrating, especially during the hot climate. During the warm climates in Singapore, homes, and offices can become very hot. And when the air condition warm-air add to the problem, you may not be able to live or stay in such a room.

It is essential to keep a check and service your air conditioner. Regular care makes sure you can identify the problems early, and the issue can be fixed on time. Happily, there are many maintenance tasks you can perform by yourself. But it is important to engage a professional for larger issues and frequent checks. Below are five reasons why your air conditioner might be blowing warm-air.

1. Improper thermostat settings – one of the main cause of an AC unit blowing hot-air is when the thermostat is on the wrong-setting. Before you fix any problem, check the thermostat. The thermostat mode should be set correctly and the temperature should be right. This is one of the reasons why your AC could be blowing that hot air.

2. Refrigerant leak –
a refrigerant lean might be the reason the AC-unit is blowing hot-air. There are several reasons why a leak can occur. It may be as a result of normal wear & tear or by turning the system off for a long period than operating it on a very high-setting. Fixing a leak is not a simple task. You will be required to involve a professional to fix the problem for you. There are many experienced technicians in Singapore who can solve the issue very fast.

3. Clogged air filter – your hot-air may be as a result of a congested air filter. Therefore, it is essential to perform regular maintenance on your system to make sure that grime and dirt do not build-up on the system parts. Having a clogged air-filter is very risky. Apart from causing the warm-air, it can cause numerous problems that can damage your system. Luckily, it is not expensive to clean aircon filters, hence, do not neglect the task. It is also cheaper to replace the air filters. But always turn off your system before you start cleaning or changing the filters.

4. A damaged condenser or compressor – The compressor & condenser might be the reason of the warm-air. Both units are found outside the system. You need to confirm that the power outside is ON because if it is off, the air will be hot. You should also check if there is something restricting the air-flow. Check whether the condenser coils are blocked by dirt or debris. This can upset the cooling. It is also wise to clean the condenser regularly during the hot months to avoid the problem.

5. Faulty wiring – the issue with your AC might be damaged wiring. Electrical faults are not easy to identify. It is therefore essential to engage an experienced technician who has skills and tools to identify the problems and fix them. The problem might involve replacing certain parts, rewiring or repairing the system. Do not try to repair any electric fault by yourself. A qualified electrician knows how to fix the electrical issue faster and safely.

Benefits of service your aircon regularly

If you have an AC system, then you know its benefits. However, many people, especially here in Singapore do not give their systems the attention it deserves. This leads to numerous problems such as blowing hot-air. Hence, it is vital to service the system regularly as it will improve the unit efficiency. Below are some of the main benefits of servicing your air conditioner regularly.

• A well-serviced aircon will keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the hotter months.

• Regular service of the system reduces cooling costs. When the AC operates properly, it needs little energy. This means you can end-up saving some money in the long run.

• Apart from reducing the energy costs, regular servicing enhances the longevity of the system. This means you do not have to replace the unit from time to time. It also reduces repair and maintenance costs.

• Frequent servicing provides you with additional benefits. It prevents several risky situations. For example, it helps to reduce the amount of disease-causing micro-organisms in your house. This means a good working system makes your house or business a better place to live

• The main aim of having an AC is to work or live in a good environment. And having it maintained properly, you will avoid numerous issues such as stacking objects among other risks. It will also ensure you have a reliable working unit.

• Servicing will prevent water leakage. When your system is filled with fungus and dirt, it will not function properly. This will cause several issues that include water leakage. The makes the unit to work extra-hard. Regular servicing ensures you are able to correct the problem on time.

• By engaging experts to service your unit, you will benefit from valuable advice from experts. Here, you learn the necessary steps that you need to follow to take good care of the system.

If your aircon has any problem, especially blowing the warm-air, contact AC repair & maintenance professionals as soon as possible. However, it is important to look for professionals who are trained and fully qualified.